Westergaard’s teenage fan video provokes threats

A teenage media student has made a video to show her “love and support” for Motoonist Kurt Westergaard, resulting in a number of threats from the usual quarters.

17 year old Nikoline Astrid Nielsen’s “Danger Romance with Kurt Westergaard”, sung to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, has gone viral in Denmark:

She says she was inspired when a Westergaard watercolour was rejected from a charity auction by a Danish auction house because they deemed it too risky (see below).

Copenhagen Post reports that a hate group was set up against her on Facebook, where threats were made and photos of accidents with her face superimposed upon the victims were published. That group seems to have disappeared, and all that remain are Fan Groups to the young infidel.

The police are investigating.

2 Responses to “Westergaard’s teenage fan video provokes threats”

  1. Ken Clark says:

    Haven’t a clue what exactly she’s singing but good on her and if the Moslems can’t, as usual, take the strain and have to respond with threats it goes to prove, yet again, how utterly primitive their minds and ridiculous religion are.

  2. valdemar says:

    I don’t really like the noise she makes but I will defend to the death (but preferably just to the shouting stage) her right to make it.