Dagbladet newspaper hit by Turkish DDoS attack

Dagbladet, the Norwegian newspaper at the centre of the latest Mohammed cartoon tantrums (see below), was last night hit by a distributed denial of service attack which left the site offline for two and a half hours.

Turkish hacker group 1923TURK has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Mo-loving script kiddies explained:

Dagbladet’s attack against our prophet is disrespectful, Norwegians have no respect for anything. Therefore we attack the paper.

Dagbladet’s editor is unsympathetic:

If what they say is correct, it’s a terrible violation of publishing rights that any media should have.

According to the report, several other Norwegian sites have come under attack.

There are demonstrations planned for today. Islam in Europe has a good round-up of newspaper reports with quotes from various leading Muslims.

UPDATE: About 3,000 showed up, and the demo passed apparently without incident.

Mohyeldeen Mohammed, a spokesbeard for “The Volunteers” group which organised the demo, said:

If this will be allowed to continue in the end it will be too late. Then we’ll get a September 11th and a June 7th on Norwegian soil. This is not a threat, but a warning.

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