Scientologists try to ban German film

Leaders of the sinister, family-splitting science-fiction cult, the Church of Scientology, are attempting to block the release of a film which depicts them as a sinister, family-splitting science-fiction cult.

Bis Nichts Mehr Bleibt (Until Nothing Remains), is a 90-minute dramatisation of the true story of a German family torn apart by the secretive, pseudo-religious scam. It is produced by Germany’s main public TV network, ARD.

High-ranking fruit-loops from Scientology’s German HQ have branded the film “propaganda”, and are demanding to preview it before its scheduled release in late March. In spite of never having seen it, Jürg Stettler, a spokesman for the batshit-crazy organisation, said:

The truth is precisely the opposite of that which the ARD is showing.

ARD’s programme director Volker Herres has defended the film:

We’re not dealing here with a religion, rather with an organisation that has completely different motives. […] Scientology is about power, business, and building up a network.

Sounds like a religion to us, Volker. Good luck with your film, though!

(Hat tip The Freethinker)

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