Brian’s mum slams Classic FM censorship

Rosalind Plowright OBE, the mezzo soprano who plays Brian’s mother Mandy in Not the Messiah, has written to Classic FM expressing her disappointment at the station for cancelling its promotion of the show. In a letter, copied in the comments here, she brands Stephen Green’s tiny organisation as “uninformed Christian bigots”.

Rosalind Plowright: Appalled by Classic FM's decision

I was quite appalled to hear of Classic FM’s decision to ban the promotion of Eric Idle and John Du Prez Oratorio, “Not the Messiah.”

As the person who played Mandy (the mother of Brian) and as a Roman Catholic by birth, I believe I have more right than anyone else to pronounce a view on this short sighted decision of you and how poorly it must be seen by others who will hear this news.

I will assume that all complaints will have come from religious bodies or people. I wonder if they had seen the show at the Royal Albert Hall? If not, is their view even allowable?

The concept of Brian comes from the mysterious “Book of Brian” It tells the story of a baby born on the same night as Jesus who was mistakenly identified as the Messiah.

How lucky that this book was written and/or discovered. From it have come two of the funniest and most entertaining pieces of artistic creativity ever. “The Life of Brian,” voted funniest film of all time in one of those TV 100 Funniest Films, and “Not the Messiah – He’s a very Naughty Boy” the oratorio.

What better vehicle than an oratorio to tell such a story and what genius to use styles of music that today’s public, from youngster to classical music aficionado can relate to.

I am disappointed that Classic FM allows itself to be dictated to by such a small body of extreme opinion. Their action shows them to be a radio station that cares more about a few uninformed Christian bigots than serving the public with a new arrival on the classical music scene.

Ironically their decision will have huge numbers of people wondering what all the fuss is about and no doubt they will buy the DVD when it released in June. It will also probably help fill the cinemas to capacity tonight!

Rosalind Plowright OBE
Mandy – Mother of Brian
Mezzo Soprano

CFM’s director, Darren Henley, is a very naughty boy.

UPDATE: No he isn’t. (Sorry, Darren)

Here is a list of cinemas showing the film tonight.

6 Responses to “Brian’s mum slams Classic FM censorship”

  1. Stuart says:

    Stephen Green has graced me with his presence on my blog, why don’t folks come on and tell him what they think……

    Stephen Green Comment on eChurch

  2. Gareth W. says:

    Good for her! I saw the movie at the preview showing last weekend, and it’s excellent – I hope the attention will help fill cinemas.

  3. Stonyground says:

    I think that Rosalind’s memory must be playing tricks on her, unless mine is playing tricks on me. Brian’s mum was played by Terry Jones, I think that Rosalind must have played Brian’s girlfriend Judith.

    Mr. Green has acheived his usual trick of giving loads of free publicity to the things that he moans about, I knew nothing about this musical Brian film as I don’t listen to Classic FM but now I do and look forward to buying the DVD.

  4. Monitor says:

    Rosalind plays Brian’s mum in Not the Messiah.

  5. Stonyground says:

    Thanks Monitor, so it was just me being dopey.

  6. Joan O'Pray says:

    I saw the film of Not the Messiah this week. It was the best experience I have ever had as an opera bouffe and cineaste for the past sixty four years.
    Is Classic FM the station that plays music for people who travel in lifts?
    Joan O’Pray MBE