Pakistan blocks Facebook’s “Draw Mohammed Day” page

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has instructed all ISPs to block the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” Facebook page.

The international Motoon-making day was inspired by death threats received by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone after they made fun of the fact that everyone was afraid to draw Mohammed.

The reason given for the Pakistan ban is that the event is

a plot to hurt the millions of Muslims around the world.


UPDATE: (19 May) The Islamic Lawyers’ Forum of Pakistan is now pushing for a blanket ban on Facebook.

UPDATE: It appears the petition has succeeded, and Facebook will be blocked in Pakistan until the 31 May. The judge also urged the Foreign Ministry to “raise the issue at international level”.

11 Responses to “Pakistan blocks Facebook’s “Draw Mohammed Day” page”

  1. shan says:

    PTCL has directed a right step may facebook be banned for ever in Pakistan
    then they would know whats the feeling of hurting others

  2. Monitor says:

    Shan, are your feelings hurt? That is so sad 🙁 Maybe there is something on TV to cheer you up? Oh, yes – look! It’s the Tellytubbies! Wave at them, Shan! Hello, Tellytubbies!

    There. Do you feel better now?

  3. robert says:


    ever heard of Christians being killed in Pakistan? Have Pakistan judges ever done anything about this? No, they do not care about other peoples wellbeing.
    Shan, if your feelings are hurt, then just please go to Pakistan. And stay there.

  4. allen says:

    You’re a christain? Or maybe a jew? Go worship fire then. See if that can help. Anyway, how about we make a “draw roberts mom” day. How would you feel? It wont make a difference to you atleast…
    Shan is right. If there is a draw mohammad day then there should be a draw “roberts mom day” too

  5. Sean says:

    Ha ha, a plot to hurt the millions of muslims ? Naw, just a plot to ensure you show the developed world just how backward the muslim religion is.

    Seems to be working a treat.

    If we burnt the image onto the moon would they call for an end to night ?

  6. George says:

    Shan and Allen – get a grip!

    You want to stop people going out of their way to exercise their right to draw whatever historical figure they please? Then STOP trying to deny them that right.

    Rocket science it ain’t.

  7. Qadeer says:

    I am very happy that facebook is banned in pakistan. I hope other countries like Saudi arbia etc will do the same. millions of Muslim have been hurt by facebook, I have decided not to use facebook ever.

  8. David G says:

    Well, Qadeer, feel free to not use Facebook. I don’t use it either. However, this does not give you the right to tell other people that they cannot use it.

  9. Andrew Nixon says:

    I have seen several people with avatars supporting the boycott on facebook in recent days. And they’re still there today.

  10. SIDRA says:

    @ robert u never understand the feelng of muslim bocoz u hav no such religion or faith in any 1 ..i think if we make a “draw roberts mom” day then this is not a big deal 4 u becoz u people r shameless. just think of yourself who u r ……
    and sean for u it is better to know about urself dnt talk about islam .think about ur religion …if we r backword then why ur scientist read QURAN to discover thingss… so SHUT up

    • Sean says:


      I do know myself and I’ll talk about ignorant bronze age myths all I like.
      You’ll discover fuck all in the quran with regards to science.
      The rest of your post is the kind of thing I’d see scrawled on a wall. In a mental hospital. In poop.