“Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” provokes demos in Pakistan

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Pakistan to protest against “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” and call for a boycott of Facebook, where the event is being promoted.

Yahoo has a nice gallery of the sexually segregated protests.

Here is MWW’s contribution to the fun:

The Prophet Mohammed, yesterday

2 Responses to ““Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” provokes demos in Pakistan”

  1. […] Another top news item in my feeds today are reporting that apparently today is “Draw Mohammed Day”. For a couple of responses to this, see here and here, and here. […]

  2. Artistic genius!

    But seriously – the whole thing is so endlessly absurd – because the issue is not any actual resemblance to Mohammed – it’s merely the claim that figure X is Mohammed. Could I submit a daffodil labeled “Mohammed”? No I suppose it would have to be a daffodil with a turban and a beard.