Spanish artist faces hefty fine for cooking Christ

The New Humanist brings our attention to a bizarre story from Spain. A popular songwriter, Javier Krahe, and the TV station which interviewed him in 2005, face possible fines of 192,000 and 144,000 euros for the crime of showing stills from a video he made in 1978 which showed a woman cooking the body of a Christ she had cut from a crucifix.

The villains of the piece are those troublesome Catholic cretins, and Javier Maria Perez-Roldan of the Tomas Moro Centre, who have crossed our radar several times before (atheist buses, blasphemous photos, defamatory gay pride parades, and a toy guitar for the Pope, respectively).

A translation from Público gives us the transcript of the video above:

Let’s take a gaunt Christ for every two persons. Remove the spikes and take the body from the cross, which will be left aside. The stigmas can be stuffed with bacon. Uncrust with warm water and dry carefully. Abundant butter will be spread on the Christ, which will be then placed on an ovenproof dish, over a bed of onions. Spread over it some salt and pepper, other spices and fine herbs can be added to suit your taste. The mixture is to be left in a moderate fire oven for three days, after which He will get out on his own.

The singer himself is shocked but hopeful:

My lawyer estimates that the trial will not be held before Christmas, but we believe the case will be dismissed due to insufficient arguments.

There are also two Spanish language Facebook groups set up to support him: liberty and creativity: no to the prosecution of Javier Krahe, and Me, I eat Christ raw.

Fingers crossed that this case will be another expensive drain on these censorious organisations’ funds.

3 Responses to “Spanish artist faces hefty fine for cooking Christ”

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  2. Stonyground says:

    How sad that even in this supposedly enlightened age, there are still some who are so morally retarded that they consider something like this to be a crime. In the real world a crime is an action that causes real harm to real people. In the world of religion, a crime is some action that might upset their stupid, short tempered god. The idiots then point to the next natural disaster and proclaim that it happened because someone made a blasphemous video.

  3. Aidan Bailey says:

    oh i just love cooking and eating. i love to cook pasta recipes and the like.:~’