Westergaard to release autobio in November

Beleaguered Danish Motoonist Kurt Westergaard, the one who created the now-iconic “Turbomb” portrait of Mohammed, is to release his autobiography in November.

Early news reports wrongly stated that the controversial cartoon was to adorn the cover of the self-published book, but the publisher was swift to issue a public correction. The front page is illustrated with Westergaard’s ‘farewell” to the Jyllands-Posten (he retired earlier this year).

The Turbomb will appear in the inner pages, however.

One Response to “Westergaard to release autobio in November”

  1. Gla to see the old Turbomb will continue to be used. It would have faded into distant memory had not Muslims kicked up stuch a stink. Now, of course, it’s all over the place.