Motoons don’t get reprinted – Islamic world gets outraged anyway again

Correction: A commenter has kindly informed MWW that the book does indeed contain the twelve Motoons. There was conflicting information on this, and we are happy to be corrected.

Jyllands-Posten editor Flemming Rose has just published a book about the Danish Motoons affair. The Tyranny of Silence does not contain reprints of the cartoons, but that hasn’t stopped the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the Algerian Islamic Council, and Hezbollah from condemning the publishers for reprinting them anyway.

The OIC’s idiot in chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed his “dismay and disappointment” at the release, asserting that the Danish government had a “moral responisibility” to prevent the publication.

The publication of the book was a deliberate attempt to incite prejudices and animosity which would undermine the ongoing efforts of the international community for promoting understanding and peaceful coexistence among peoples of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

The Algerian High Islamic Council said,

The HIC vigorously denounces the reproduction in some western countries of cartoons that offend Islam and its sacred symbols.

And Hezbollah claimed that the publication was a declaration of refusal to respect the feelings of Muslims:

This also demonstrates their insistence on insulting the Muslims’ sanctities, presenting a cause of tension in the good relations that should exist between different religions in the world. This is what these governments should take full responsibility of.

When will these clowns realise that the main thing that excites “prejudice and animosty” against Islam is the ill-informed over-reactions to non-events from organisations such as themselves.

3 Responses to “Motoons don’t get reprinted – Islamic world gets outraged anyway again”

  1. Rik Hemsley says:

    I think these organisations know very well what they are doing.

  2. Joergen Munk says:

    I just got the book. It does contain a page with all the 12 cartoons from Jyllands Posten.