Christian Voice E-Alert - 27th June 2008

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Christian Voice Director Faces Bankruptcy over 'Springer' case

You will remember the BBC2 transmission of Jerry Springer the Opera in January 2005 with all the protests and its failure of a theatre tour in 2006, over which I tried to bring a private prosecution for blasphemy.

Yesterday I was due to pay £55,000 to the BBC and £35,000 to Avalon in respect of the costs of my Jerry Springer the Opera action against Mark Thompson and Jonathan Thoday. It follows a High Court ruling in December that they were immune from prosecution. See:

£90,000 is money I don't have. Mark Thompson earns more than 20 times in a year what I am worth, and Jonathan Thoday has wealth in excess of £12 million. We have a petition calling for the Thompson and Thoday to waive their costs:

When you have signed it, click on 'signatures' and be amazed at the anti-Christian hatred in the comments left by Thompson and Thoday's supporters on page 1.

It would help enormously if you were also to email the major players and take copies of this email to church so others might sign the epetition, and email or write:

Write/email simply to ask that the BBC and Avalon respectively would waive their costs. If you are writing to the BBC, you might say that you are happy for your license fee to be spent on these costs - rather than on Jonathan Ross, for example. Addresses:

Mark Thompson, [email protected] BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, W12 7RJ. Tel: 020 8743 8000 (Interesting point: Mark Thompson made much of his claim to be a Christian when Jerry Springer the Opera was screened.)

Chairman of the BBC Trustees: Sir Michael Lyons, [email protected] [PERSONAL DETAILS REMOVED] (Letter begins 'Dear Sir Michael,')

Jonathan Thoday, [email protected] Avalon, 4a Exmoor Street, London, W10 6BD Tel: 020 7598 8000

The comedian Frank Skinner is represented by Avalon. He may be sympathetic to us: Contact him at PO Box 168, London, W10 8WH

Please pray that the Lord would over-rule and remove the threat of these costs.

READ: 1Sam 24:15; 2Sam 12:1-6; Job 22:25 (!); Psalm 7:1, 10:12-18, 59:16, 61:3, 62:1-12; Prov 13:7, 18:10,23, 28:6; Eccl 5:12; Mic 2:2, 6:12; Matt 7:16, 15:19; Mark 10:25; Luke 1:51-53; 2Thess 3:1-3; Jas 5:1-6; Rev 2:9, 6:15-17,

Yours in His mighty name,

Stephen Green,

National Director, Christian Voice.

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