Conservative Family Campaign Routed by OutRage!

Twenty activists from OutRage! infiltrated and disrupted the Annual General Meeting of the Conservative Family Campaign on Saturday, 8 May, 1993, resulting in the eviction of the CFC from church premises in Sunnyhill Road, Streatham, south London, that they had hired for the day.

Two Lesbians, who had previously enrolled as CFC members under false names, attended the meeting. OutRage! member Lynn Sutcliffe was appointed minute-taker to the AGM and heard how the CFC had been "...very clever this year" and had "...outwitted the gays" who disrupted last year's meeting.

Stephen Green, the Chairman, was shocked when, five minutes later, the twenty activists entered and completely took over the proceedings. The group was introduced by Fernando Guasch opening with "Hello Mr Green! Do you remember us from last year?" Then, without waiting for a reply, the activists - outnumbering CFC members by four to one - sounded fog horns, blew whistles, unfurled banners and threw stink-bombs around the room.

In the ensuing pandemonium, Stephen Green, the CFC Chairman, attempted to escape from the premises, only to be greeted by angry demonstrators outside the building.

Thirty police officers, accompanied by dogs, swiftly arrived on the scene. After a heated conversation that lasted for ten minutes, Rev H T Rowe, minister of the church, arrived. On being told of the aims and ideals of the CFC, he immediately evicted CFC members from his church. In the course of the scuffle, a press photographer was assaulted by a CFC member and his equipment damaged. OutRage! members were railed at by irate CFC members speaking "in tongues" and were called "Satanists" and "devil worshippers". Mr Green unwittingly posed by large posters reading: "Stephen Green - Fiction Writer", "Repeal Anti-lesbian Laws" and "Stephen Green Gave My Gerbil Genital Warts", a reference to his 1992 book 'The Sexual Dead End', which claims that one in five gay men regularly have sex with live gerbils.

OutRage! member Rob Archer said, "There is no hiding place for Mr Green. We intend to continue exposing the intentions of a group which poses as a Christian organization, but which seeks to recriminalize homosexuality".

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