Springer “wouldn’t have written” JS:TO

Jerry Springer has spoken out about the BBC’s broadcasting of JS:TO. His actual criticism of the show seems fairly mild, but different news sources will put their own spin on it:

I wouldn’t have written it. I don’t believe in making fun of other religions

Haven’t seen the Tory press yet, but we can safely assume that the verb “slam” appears in a few headlines.

Asked if he thought the BBC should have broadcast it, he replied:

I don’t know if they should have had it on television but, good Lord, if you don’t like what’s on television, that’s why God gave us remote controls.

Interestingly, Murdoch-owned Sky Showbiz doesn’t mention these divinely-provided remotes, reporting blankly that his answer to the question was “Perhaps not.”

It is widely believed that Springer intends to make a return to politics in 2006.

UPDATE: The Sun’s report interprets Springer’s answer thus:

Springer said the West End hit, in which a nappy-clad Jesus admits he’s “a bit gay”, probably should not have been shown on television.

Again, no mention of the remote control comment; and “perhaps” has been upgraded to “probably”.

UPATE: A more detailed transcription of what Springer actually said is available at Monsters & Critics.

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