God tells Stephen Green: “Hold vigil outside theatre”

Fundamentalist action group Christian Voice are to hold weekly vigils outside the Cambridge Theatre in Covent Garden, starting tomorrow (Friday 28 Jan).
Stephen Green
In an email circulated to Christian Voice supporters, Stephen Green says he is “burdened by the need to protest and evangelise at the theatre”, and claims “God has told me clearly to make a decision”.

During the vigils, CV supporters will “pray – and pledge – that [the show] will not reopen anwhere else in the UK”. That’s quite a pledge.

Stevie also mentions that “papers are being prepared right now” regarding CV’s criminal action for blasphemy against the BBC and the Cambridge Theatre.

Will keep you posted as things develop.

One Response to “God tells Stephen Green: “Hold vigil outside theatre””

  1. Joe says:

    Well, I was hanging around the theatre this evening from about half seven until eight and I’m pleased to say that the CV demonstraters seem to have equalled, if not exceeded, in number by the TV crew reporting on them. I counted five, plus Green himself.