Green doesn’t save Soul

The latest email circular from Christian Voice confirms Joe’s report in the comment below that the Cambridge Theatre vigils are very poorly attended.

Seven turned out on Friday night, four on Saturday night, and on Saturday afternoon Stephen Green was on his own:

I stood alone on Saturday afternoon, wondering if I was the only man in London who thought it was all worth the trouble, when David Soul, who plays Jerry Springer, walked up and briefly introduced himself. No, I didn’t ask for his autograph, and no, there was no time to share the Gospel with him. But who knows what will happen this coming Saturday afternoon.

Green appears to hold high hopes for the Feb 19th performance: “final night, big rally”. It doesn’t seem likely.

Could it be that what we once regarded as a dangerously resurgent group of militant fundamentalists are in reality just a tiny, ineffectual group of idiots who got their 15 minutes of notoriety by making the stupid mistake of posting BBC producers’ contact details on their website (and immediately regretting it)? It certainly seems that way.

I’ll keep watching them, though. Not because they’re dangerous. Because they’re funny.

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