Religious hate law clears first hurdle

But it’s okay, because Charles Clarke has promised to consider amendments when it reaches its committee stages.

We will carefully consider any suggestions for how the wording of the bill might be improved, particularly in reassuring people about freedom of speech.

Clarke had also promised to consult with various interest groups before presenting the Bill to parliament for a third time. No such consultation took place.

2 Responses to “Religious hate law clears first hurdle”

  1. be says:

    interesting blog

  2. G. Tingey says:

    First – what blog?

    This law is going to be a disaster, if it passes.

    As B. Johnson and others have pointed out, all the monotheistic “holy books” preach hated and intolerance of non-beleivers or “other” believers.

    But that will not bring a prosecution.

    Also, the EU convention on Humoid rights allows “free speech”.

    How long before we get a political prisoner on this one?