Co-operating with Satan

Charity blackmailer Stephen Green’s sense of self-righteous persecution received a boost when the Co-operative Bank asked Christian Voice to close its account because of its anti-homosexual views.

According to the PA (reported in the Guardian), Green has 30 days from June 6 to close the account.

A spokesman for the bank said,

It has come to the bank’s attention that Christian Voice is engaged in discriminatory pronouncements based on the grounds of sexual orientation.

This public stance is incompatible with the position of the Co-operative Bank, which publicly supports diversity and dignity in all its forms for our staff, customers and other stakeholders.

Speaking from his closet in Carmarthen, Green said,

The Co-op bank, for all its fine words, is discriminating against us on the grounds of conscience and religion.

Never mind. CV may not have any money left to bank soon, as it is still pursuing an expensive blasphemy action against the BBC, claiming that Jerry Springer: The Opera portrayed Jesus as a “sexual deviant”, when in fact it portrayed a sexual deviant as Jesus.

UPDATE: Contact details of the Co-op bank, should you wish to express an opinion on their decision.

(Thanks to Scaryduck)

105 Responses to “Co-operating with Satan”

  1. tom p says:

    is this the first comments section to reach 3 figures?

  2. Andy L says:

    Indeed Christopher, will we now see you (with your alleged basing of things merely on the stastical evidence) renouncing female hertrosexuality, as it is more dangerous than homosexuality?

    I wonder.

  3. Christopher Shell says:

    Befuddled! I thought everyone agreed it’s better to live longer, given the choice. We all agree on that with reegards to smoking and drug taking. Consistency wd be good.

    Now, Tom, you are very naughty for quoting journals by initial as though you had long familiarity with them, when in fact you had only just met them on the internet.

    I so agree with you that HIV/AIDS is the main factor. The proportion of AIDS cases involving homosexuals has been steadily dropping. In Africa, the percentage is far lower than in UK. In UK, the most recent figures I heard – I don’t know whether they are still accurate – was 33% of new cases were homosexual – a percentage whihc has been steadily dropping. How many of the population is homosexual? Say 1.5%, say 2%, say 4%, say (a suspiciously round figure) 10%. Whichever figure is correct, the susceptibility of homosexuals to this disease (per head) began massively higher than for heterosexuals. It has dropped very significantly – and it is still massively higher than for heterosexuals. Per head, if the ‘new cases’ figure is 33% homosexual to 66% heterosexual (and of course if we include ‘old cases’ -as one must in the case of incurable diseases – the homosexual percentage will be higher), the homosexual likelihood of being infected (per head) would be (on the most generous estimate of 10% homosexual population) 4.5 times higher than the heterosexual likelihood. Given a 2% homosexual population, the figure is 24 times higher. Unless my maths are wring (quite possible).

    The lesbian point I have already addressed – there are different groups of ppl lumped together as ‘lesbians’. One would need to show that their lifestyle made equal biological sense to the heterosexual one before one started viewing it on an equal footing. Im glad they do well on the life expectancy barometer; there are plenty of other relevant barometers too.

  4. tom p says:

    Actually, I was using standard abbreviations. I may be unfamiliar with these particular journals, but I am well versed in scientific literature as a whole.

    Re HIV: And? When the rates of infection within of homosexuals have dropped and the rates of heterosexuals risen, you’ll just change tack to another spurious bunch of crap to justify your bigotry.

    I don’t think you’ll find that there are different groups of people lumped together as lesbians. A lesbian is a woman who is sexually attracted to other women, it’s as simple as that. Why the fuck should lesbians have to show that their lifestyle makes bioological sense, whatever that mean? Not everyone wants children (which is presumably the bush your nonsense is beating around). You are the most insufferable arrogant smug person I’ve ever encountered.

  5. Christopher Shell says:

    Pardon me while I crawl back under my stone.
    I thought that the homosexual rates were already falling, and heterosexual rising (certainly in some places, and particularly with regard to some other STDs). Ths topic was life expectancy, and Im simply pointing out the fact that homosexual life expectancy is lower – largely for lifestyle reasons (given that rates of AIDS infection are the main factor behind the trends) – and that we always advise against lifestyles that cut years off people’s lives, which same lifestyles will always (on average) also produce less good health within the years that one does have.