Brick Laners try to block filming

The Guardian reports that a small group of Brick Lane residents are so incensed at the allegedly “racist and insulting” nature of Monica Ali’s Brick Lane that they are willing to resort to violence to prevent it being filmed in the area.

A self-appointed spokesman for the Bangladeshis of East London, Abdus Salique, has vowed that they will do “anything it takes”, absurdly claiming the book is

a violation of the human rights of the community.

Poor Abdus seems to be labouring under a misconception. Communities do not have human rights. Only individual humans do.

Asians in Media magazine points out that the protestors are in a minority, and that the upcoming film has received widespread local support. Hundreds of would-be actors lined up for auditions.

Rohin at Picked Politics has more.

2 Responses to “Brick Laners try to block filming”

  1. Andy Gilmour says:

    What? A bunch of people living in London parading their ignorance? Exactly why does the Guardian think this is news?


  2. Imran says:

    I dont agree that a film depicting Sylheti Bangladeshi people in such negative light should be filmed here in TH or in the UK. It’s racist nothing to do with religion. Since when is it ok to call an entire peoples illiterate and backward whose parents came to this country like rats on a ship?