Bloody Bible ad – other Christian groups join in

The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship has sent out a circular informing its readers how to complain about the “hurtful, antagonistic, and above all, false” GPA ad in the Independent (see below).

They suggest complaining to Scotland Yard, the ASA, the Press Complaints Commission, and the Independent newspaper.

These clowns are particularly concerned with freedom of speech when it comes to preaching about the sins of homosexuality (and they have the right to do so), but as soon as someone dares suggest that their homophobic religion might lead to violence against homosexuals, they are the first to squeal for protection.

4 Responses to “Bloody Bible ad – other Christian groups join in”

  1. Stuart says:

    Do you think the Lawyers Christian Fellowship will be helping their kindred spirits the Christian Medical Fellowship to explain to the Charity Commissioners why an organisation called Care Not Killing came to be using their charity number, apparently lacking one of their own and not being a registered charity at the time they were undermining attempts to reconsider the law and medical opinion about assisted suicide?

  2. BSE says:

    Looks like there is lots of in-fighting going on between the Christian Police Ass and the Gay Police Ass… full story at:

    Funny how the BBC have such double standards that they report these stories but allow the bigot editor of the tablet to attack lesbians and single mothers in Thought for the day on 14/07/06…

  3. BSE says:

    OOOPS missed that this was covered in the earlier post. Sorry for being blond 🙂