Going round in circles

The Sun today has one of its periodic pieces berating the BBC for spending large sums of money. This time its about the new “ident” which runs in between programmes. The replacement for the current dancer clips is a series of images based on circles including hippos swimming in a circle, fishermen off Croatia, and surfers in Mexico.

Who better to comment on the fact that the BBC is “splashing out” £1.2m on these than our favourite smut-campaigning media expert “Massah” John Beyer of Mediawatch-UK?

Why does the BBC need to fly all the way to Mexico? If it wants to film a campaign based on circles, it could go to the London Eye or Big Ben?

Indeed. In fact, why does it have to go to the London Eye or Big Ben? It could just draw circles on a piece of paper. Or film the committee of Mediawatch-UK in jerking formation.

6 Responses to “Going round in circles”

  1. The Sun should be forced to run a disclosure every time they report on the BBC;
    “The Sun is part of the same media family as Sky, which would like nothing more than seeing the BBC’s funding pulled so that it’s own sub-standard programming would be able to compete.”

  2. Scaryduck says:

    Great minds think alike, Monitor.

    In this all inclusive society, it is the BBC’s DUTY to produce a circle-jerk ident. Go on, you ask.

  3. Stuart says:

    They could have filmed them all on the cheap in London, indeed for that matter why not just film them all on Shepherds Bush Green.

    What Beyer forgets is that not only would they be accused of being London-centric, but the finished article wouldn’t look as good!

  4. martyn says:

    Beyer’s a twat and would have had them all made in a bloody church or some other miserable hell hole. After suffering the 5 minute ad break after every other frame syndrome in the u.s., the BBC was like a breath of fresh air when I came back home. Didn’t some one once work out how much extra goes on the price of consumer goods to cover the advertising on sky, sh-itv etc? Not as free as most people like to think. It’s funny how you pay a rather inflated monthly sum to sky and STILL have to suffer the bloody adverts.

  5. I totally agree with Peter Gasston. In fact, I think that all newspapers should have to carry a standard disclaimer saying what corporations they’re linked with. I’m tired of seeing plugs for media conglomerates disguised as ‘news’.

  6. Marc Draco says:

    I don’t see the point of the new idents anyway. Just another bloody waste of OUR money while they are laying folks off.