“Macho” George seeks private prosecution against GPA

Just when you think things are looking up. The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association has learned that the Rev “Macho” George Hargreaves, leader of Operation Christian Vote, is seeking a private prosecution of the GPA for their bloody bible ad.

The Crown Prosecution service dropped the case last week, dismayed the writer of Sinita’s 80s disco classic So Macho:

I believe there is a case to answer in this matter, and that there is sufficient evidence to prove the necessary legal test set out in the Public Order Act (not least the evidence of the 40,000 people who lodged official complaints with the police). I also believe that it is not in the public interest for this case to be dropped – to do so would give the impression that Police officers are above the law

One small matter you seem to be overlooking, Georgie: no law was broken.

He has the backing of the whinging hypocrites at the Christian Lawyers Association, a group that thinks that the right to free speech applies only to themselves.

(Thanks to Feòrag at the Pagan Prattle)

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