Ukraine Orthodox offended by Hirst exhibit

An art centre in Kiev has attracted protests from Orthodox Christians. The exhibit, sponsored by the local businessman Viktor Pinchuk, is named “Jesus and the Twelve Apostles” (otherwise known as Damien Hirst’s Romance in the Age of Uncertainty, which was exhibited in London in 2003).

The display consists of a number of cabinets, each one dedicated to a single disciple, containing skinned cows’ heads in formaldehyde. There are also big rectangular boards made of dead flies in front of every aquarium including the one depicting Jesus.

The complaints follow the familiar “hurt feelings” refrain:

Orthodox believers consider mocking at our Lord Jesus Christ and the holy apostles inacceptable. It insults the feelings of all Orthodox believers and all Christians.

To which our considered response must be, “Boo-fucking-hoo”.

(Hat tip, Bartholomew)

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    I’m surprised that Bartholomew’s tiny brain has enough power to keep him alive!