down there ads
Charity-blackmailing fantasist Stephen Green has demonstrated his profound disgust at anything remotely sexual by complaining to icWales about an advertising campaign by Keep Britain Tidy.

The anti-litter campaign, aimed at the 18-24 age bracket, includes beer mats and posters. The national posters are shown above. The posters specific to Wales have a more retro feel to them, and feature innuendo such as “If you think my bin’s big, you should see the size of our Fanny’s“, “I’ve had more time to trim my bush since he stopped dropping rubbish“, and “My cock is huge since I stopped dropping rubbish“.

When you have recovered sufficiently to read on, here is what the manliest Christian in Wales had to say:

We are living in a society that has got no shame at all. These ads are cheap, tacky and horrible – it is all the things society should not be.

This is not just scantily-clad women but cheap and nasty sexual innuendo.

I am disgusted by it.

Better include something about it the next Queen’s speech then.

10 Responses to “Rubbish”

  1. Paul Christopher says:

    Whilst these ads clearly shouldn’t be censored, they are pretty repulsive.

    If I ever find myself agreeing with Mr. Green again, I may have to shoot myself.

  2. Tania says:

    They are a bit over the top aren’t they. But I think they should be given a chance before banning them; there’s no harm in trying.
    Just for the record this is *the first* time I have slightly agreed with Stephen Green.

  3. Kate says:

    God, this is no worse than the old seaside smut they were peddling in the 40s (and before). It may be unsophisticated, but it’s not really offensive, is it!

  4. Andy L says:

    I thought they were quite funny myself.

  5. Christopher Shell says:

    On a separate topic from these particular ads:
    Banning ads after they have already been aired is useless, since by that time the damage (if there is any damage) has already been done. Moreover, the ads then get lots of publicity in the newspapers – so the overall situation is arguably even worse than it would have been if they had not been banned. Counter-productive.

  6. Andy A says:

    Of the three posters linked to above, only the one about the huge cock produces an error message. This is censorship and I shall write to my MP about it! How dare the Monitor not let me see a huge cock if the rest of you can see ‘Fanny’s’? It’s disgusting.

  7. Monitor says:

    Sorry, Andy. Fixed now 🙂

  8. Tania says:

    What I meant was that the ones shown here are a bit OTT…I thought the Welsh ones were hilairious! I don’t quite get these ones here with the people and their litter…*goes to sit in corner and ponder*

  9. Exekiel 23 says:

    And of course spending a whole two minutes actually reading the Keep Britain Tidy press release ( reveals that these ads aren’t even for ‘general consumption’ but will only be appearing in toilets at pubs and concert venues rather than anywhere that younger people might see them. Not that any of this would matter to a frothing tithead like Green, obviously.

  10. G. Tingey says:

    Bring back Donald McGill – all is forgiven.

    Very smutty, very funny.
    Excuse me, I’ve just got to go off and snigger a bit more ……