Stephen Green flashbacks Pt 2 – A dig at Di

It is quite well known that Stephen Green of Christian Voice is opposed to the wedding of Charles and Camilla for biblical reasons (they are not divorced in the “eyes of God”, or somesuch). Obviously Camilla is a hell-bound harlot, but you may not remember that our lovable charity blackmailer also had a go at the saintly Princess of Wales while she was still alive. Well, what does she expect if she works for the “homosexual lobby”?

From The Daily Mail, October 1, 1992:

[Diana] is using her position to promote a homosexual agenda. […] Somebody is obviously getting at her, perhaps because she is very close and sympathetic to showbusiness characters.

Not only that, but,

William and Harry could grow up “unsure of their masculinity” because Prince Charles was not “emotionally involved” with them

Oh dear. Maybe they’ll be okay as long as those showbusiness characters don’t get at them.

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