Boycott Denmark, urges ISESCO reports that the Islamic cultural organisation ISESCO has called on its 51 members to boycott Denmark over the Mohammed cartoons. ISESCO claims that it “represents the cultural conscience of the Islamic world.”

Abdul Aziz Othman al-Twaijri, the organisation’s secretary general:

We encourage the organisation’s members to boycott Denmark both economically and politically until Denmark presents an official apology for the drawings that have offended the world’s Muslims.

200 Responses to “Boycott Denmark, urges ISESCO”

  1. xxx says:

    thank you dan, your love toward ur danemark is really great, this sounds good.. u siad whatever to deffend it.. it s “the nation ‘s soul” i appreciate it.

    u think we still dont get what is all about?

    dan, of course u know when the cratoons have posted, and u know when the anger burst.. dont u see the defference… the problem is not about the magazine, bcos it doesnt represent the whole danemark, the anger has appeared when the danish government has refused to apology, here is the point, u and all danish have elected this government.. so what it says is what u say.. it is the danish mirror into the world..

    as i told u it seems that u love ur country and u hate to see its flag burning.

    well islam is a big country and its sitizens re muslems all over the world and it s flag is “there is no god but allah and mohammed is his messenger”
    the cartoons means more than burning it.

    u all agree that USA belongs to “the western world” take is as exemple, usa tried to deal with irak case in democratic ways even it was a lie about the mass destruction weapons.. then they started the war after..

    muslems in danemark tried to get an apology from denmark government with peacefull way .. but …. after that the anger was in its place.

  2. Dani says:

    XXX…..No anger can be justifyed by means of violence ….NEVER …

    The Danish goverment cant appolgize for something thay have no control over ….the same way as you dont appoligize for something a guy in Irac does. Thats the point of it, the goverment cant do that. The law rules here not the religion or the voilent mob.

    Now wake up there …and get the facts.

    There is NO justifycation for the voilent acts. thinking otherwise is plainly unhuman.

  3. Kim says:

    Muslims, We do not want to part of your religion. In our country we’ll follow OUR laws, just as you do in your home country.
    All this mess YOU have created only shows the real nature of your religion!? If you’r not willing to follow our laws and regulations, you always can go back
    to your own country!

  4. Kim says:

    In addition, all the muslims are protesting against these pictures because of the message they send (“all muslims are terrorists”), and your reaction (all riots etc)
    only supports this message. I understand that the pics are not accepted in YOUR society but guess what, they are accepted in OUR society. Try to live with that!

  5. Kim says:

    WE BOYCOTT AGAINST ISLAMIC PRODUCTS LIKE …hmmmm… well, never mind!

  6. xxx says:

    kim slow down, again and again if muslims are living there dont forget that europeans are living here, if muslims re not accepting this part of ur law, eauropeans re not going with islamic laws here, they have enough wine,illegal sex,pork and so on and they re welcomed.. so let s not playing as children by sending back everyone to his homes..

    dan, if the danish can not apologize why the lebanese government apologized for burning danish embassy few days ago?

    listen dan, i dont know what do u want us to do, to watch this cartoons and say uhhh it s funny i like it, dan there is something called “dignity” we will not accept insulting our porphit anyways.

    u want us to watch and watch , we were watching mr dan when europe occupied us last century, and rised isreal in place which belongs to poor palestinians ,, we were watching enough mr dan.

  7. Dani says:

    Well….xxx…..lets start world war 3 ….then …

  8. Dani says:

    you seam to be far from human reach …to far

  9. xxx says:

    dan am not supporting violence or wars, i love peace and i believe in it .. but what dane magazine has done is paper’s war, destroying any bridge of love between muslims and others.. i still believe in peace…

  10. Dani says:

    xxx…. for all I care …you can scream and protest over the cartoons all you want ….ans watch if you feel like doing that ….What I can not accept and will not accept is violence against Danish People or anything else Danish.

    Do anything else as much as you like ….but do it as grown up’s and not act like children.

    The next time a muslim country is invaded by another one (iraq vs. Kuwait) or war (Iran vs. Iraq) dont come asking the western world for help. You can kill off eachother as much as you like, I do no care anymore, you guys broke that last bit of respect I had for you, by crossing the line.

  11. Dani says:

    XXX….then make paper war against the News paper…Not with violence at the Danish people or Danish places.

    Like I said before ….your beef is with the News Paper NOT the Danes nor our country.

    Help the muslim in Denmark By taking the news Paper to the courts ….Not by burning our flags, the violence or direct the anger against the Danes.

    If you fail to see that ….I give up ….then you are beond reach

  12. xxx says:

    dan ,world muslims re not these few ones u have seen at streets ,, burning danish flag,, we re 1.3 billion and most of us dont suport wars.. i know that world wars have begun in europe not in our countries,, but as i said b4 i dont blame u about history faults.. am not supporting the leaders in arab world as long as they re supported by western government, saddam was supported by americans against souviet regime and now they dont need it anymore, was he poilte then in the past and not now? it s politians who destroy everything in this world..

    chritians re not all the same as well as muslims, look do u see any danish flag burning in MOROCCO, do u? so do u think we re not muslims? think twice b4 u decide..

    what i can say here in this forum…”we have different backgrounds and the only solution we have to go on with is ” respect me i respect you”

  13. Thomas says:

    How come the muslims get so upset over a few drawings? Why don’t any muslims ever protest about the violence of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Zarquavi or the evil rule of the Taliban? Why don’t the muslims protest about the dictatorships across the Middle East, such Saudia Arabia or Syria? Why don’t they protest about Hamas or Islamic Jihad’s terrorist acts? When the day comes where muslims start advocating the rights of women, minorities, homosexuals and others who have equal rights or at least deserve so, that day I will support the muslims too. I think a lot of them are behaving liked spoiled children who want others to follow their rules and norms indiscriminately. I am a non-believer and live in a free democracy where no religion, i repeat NO RELIGION, is going to tell me how to behave or what to do. And it doesn’t matter if it is Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddists, Hindus or whatever, stay out of my life and DO-NOT-TELL-ME-WHAT-TO-DO

  14. Thomas says:

    Plus very interesting: the danish cartoons were re-printed in an egyptian newspaper 5 months ago in October 2005. No one took offence back then or got upset. See the link for this story:


    This is proof that the current uproar is politically motivated and driven by mad extremists with their own political agenda.

  15. Ok, that the protests in Syria and other countries are secretly guided and encouraged is evident to everybody. This is in fact the whole point: some people (or better still, some governments) try to stir a fire of hatred between East and West. That’s what Nawal Saadawi says, and I agree.
    People here don’t flinch while Dani writes his racist smut against muslims; now he’s started to insult Italy as well, just because he doesn’t like what I say! Dani is doing exactly what he blames in his opponents: he scorns a country just by what he knows of it, even the single comment of a single person. Which is the dark heart of racism.
    To me, Western so-called democracies seem to behave mostly like regimes, including the search for scapegoats in order to hide their own mistakes (in the case of Denmark, their partecipation in the Iraqi bloodbath).
    Thomas, you are a non-believer like me, but you must admit that if there’s a law against hurting the people’s religious feelings (and similar laws exist in many countries) this must apply to all religions. And if I came up to you and said “Your mother is a wh*re and you’re a dirty p**fter” you’d probably be quite upset at me, especially if this wasn’t true, as I shall assume. And if you blamed me, I couldn’t just say “DO-NOT-TELL-ME-WHAT-TO-DO! I’ve got freedom of speech!”, because it was ME the first to enter your life, and you have a right to dignity somewhere among your human rights. Of course, if you killed me you’d be quite disproportioned. Yet, even in that case, your sentence would probably be lighter because I provoked you. Why don’t you acknowledge the same for muslims then? Just because YOU think they shouldn’t take offence. Now, Thomas, do you think YOU have the right to decide what is right and what is wrong for anybody else? If you do, you’re insane. And it’s not true that Denmark couldn’t do anything. They could and should apologize because of racism in their land. It’s just like when in Italy football supporters say that their opponents are Jews and should burn in KZ’s; almost every time, the Jewish community receives formal excuses by the Government, it never appeals for freedom of speech. Is it so difficult to understand?
    Being a non-believer doesn’t mean you cannot understand why people get hurt. On the contrary, it should mean you can keep a clear mind and not permit your mind to be driven by emotions. I’m afraid I don’t see any of this in what you write. I thought I was a non-believer as well, but I can’t be as indifferent with other people’s feelings as you are. Jesus wisely said: “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you”. Don’t you agree?

  16. xxx says:

    Thomas : this is ur question : Why don’t the muslims protest about the dictatorships across the Middle East, such Saudia Arabia or Syria? Why don’t they protest about Hamas or Islamic Jihad’s terrorist acts?

    well u re non-believer so u re not a muslim, chritian or jewish so why do u forget to add the isreali extremists and USA evils in irak to ur list? is it bcos they have a developped weapons and they exercise it in muslim countries or what?

  17. xxx says:

    ******in fact it s egality that we miss in this world****** there is always a dominated power that want to control the wolrd in its way.

  18. Jensen says:

    xxx: Once again you don’t ansaw the question! Where were the angry mobs when the Egyptian news paper published the cartoons 5 mounts ago? – where are the boycott of Egyptian and Jordanian gods?

    And yes we have anti-Israel and anti-USA demonstrations in Denmark – se, it’s easy to ansaw a question – now lets try… come on, you can do it… yah you are so gifted… well…

  19. Dani says:

    Lorenzo….Are you just to stupid ?? and do you relly have to display it ???

    You say Im a raisist….If you read all my post here …you will see that my anger is with those that does the violent and threating act and those persons that lives in the west but dont want to live by our laws.

    And talking bad at Denmark like you do …Sweep infront of your own door …..Get rid of all the curruption you have there …before judging another country.

    For those that still dont get the point in this matter. You guys keep mixing things and dropping your own agend into issue…..Theres no hope of reaching you

    Moste of you dont even know the storie behind it all ….nor have even seen the drawing (well most people in the street) ….GET you facts right …check the storie …and stop making your own agenda.

    Moste of your words on here, on the streets have nothing to do the Danish news paper….but is something towards the hole world.

    Jensen – xxx never answers a question …He gives new questions.

  20. xxx says:

    jensen and dan : am not avoiding giving the answers, in fact u dont appreciate our love to our religion, how comes u could accept my answers, and do u think that “freedon of speech” is an answer of all the questions b4.. i mean that freedom of speech is the answer of why the magazine hav posted these shit cartoons.. never and never bcos freedom never hurt never hurt never hurt that s the point u never get into ur brains…
    ok i give u an answer again which i gave u b4..

    why they burn danish flags? the flags have not been burnt during the 4 months after the apprearance of the cartoons.. danish magazine refused to apology..and why they apology at last, bcos of danish government pressure or what? danemak lost billions of dollars everyday.. it s the economic that works there or what? jensen and dan, our religion is more than money and fortunes our prophit is more than all that.

    again freedom of speech is not an answer..

    i have one question for both of u.. today in news.. the jlland posten refused to post the holocaust cartoons which appeared in the iranian newspapers..
    so tell me is that freedom of speech was made to insult our islamic values or what? i need an answer…

    even lorenzo is stupid bcos he said the truth, u dont need to tell him about ur country, he was there and he saw all that kind of racism with his own eyes.. is he stupid then?

    try to show ur respect to the other.

  21. Dani says:

    XXX…you dont even know why the news paper posted the cartoons in the first place, do you ???

    if you know the background you would know that the News paper has no reason to print the new cartoons …its not part of the original storie they made the cartoons for.

  22. xxx says:

    u still dont give the answer, what the all muslims see is shit cartoons in danemark magazine, and that never happened anywhere b4..

  23. Dani says:

    xxx….Actually you are saying it right there ….You saw it in the news paper….so why threaten Denmark and all the danes …Insane.

    So from you not answering my question about if you know why the cartoons where made ….I take it you dont …Maybe you should look into that, becourse there is a storie behind it …Not like the Iran News paper is doing …thats is just lighting a bigger fire. If you dont condem that/them ….How can you be so mad about the cartoons in a danish news paper ???

    Only kids/chrildren acts like that ….Do a thing becourse another one did it…its not an adult way to be, so if thats you answer, then you just proved my point once again:-)

  24. Josh says:

    This ( caracature, which may or may not predict the “prophet” Mohammed is causing the entire middle east and southeast Asia to go absolutely apeshit. Why? Because the Muslim religion has a prohibition on depicting Mohammed or other figures.

    Notice how this prohibition is based in Islamic texts. Telling Denmark to follow this prohibition is like the Catholic Church demanding that people in Saudi Arabia not eat meat on Fridays. It is absolutely ludacris.

    But even if they are offended, it does not give them the right to go burning shit. When Al-Ahram Al’Arabi published this ( caracature, no Jews torched the Egyptian embassy. When The Arab News published this ( cartoon, no Israelis beheaded Saudi citizens in the street. Why the double standard?

    We must also examine the cause of these caracatures. Could it be Muslim barbarism, that was once again so elegantly demonstrated after these drawings were published, that is the reason why people associate Muslims with terrorism?

    So in conclusion, I ask, why can’t they take a joke? No other religion starts a holy war when they’re made fun of. If they want to be considered a peaceful and respectable religion, it is best that they start acting like one.

  25. Dani says:

    XXX…to answer you question …Even though you still havent answered any of my many questions.

    The first time the cartoons where shown there wasnt this reaction like you see now ….And not even in Egypt did they react the first time the cartoons where shown.

    The reaction came after the Danish Imam’s had traveld to the muslim countries and spreading lies about denmark …(that has been proved that they lied) ….then the reaction came, not before that.

    Another thing is ….that a lot of the muslim people in the streets hasnt even seen the cartoons ….But only does it course the lies spread.

    Another thing I can tell you is that the Danish television has shown a lot of Danish muslims and all of them says that they are a shamed of how there people are reacting and state that its is clearly not people living acording to Islam. Even my own arab friends says that, and believe me we dont always see eye to eye on things, but are still friends.

    We have repporter in some muslim countries that tells about muslim people coming up to them on the street saying they are sorry for the violence and the attacks. Even a Syrian Mufti (hope I spelled it right) gave a present to Denmark as a gift for the violence that has been made against Denmark. So I do know there is good muslims….there is just tomany “bad” among all of you and its those people we see and I think that is becourse the good muslim are to afraid to come forward. A sad thing.

    Stick to the issue ….dont drag other agendas into it or people that hasnt anything to do with it.

  26. xxx says:

    dan i ve told u many times that am not supporting this kind of reaction but i ve explained what make them doing this.. ok and again look to morocco, have u seen any flag burnt here,, ask about ur embassy here if they re ok or not.. as there many bad muslims there re many bad poeple in the other side..

    i also have chritian wife so does she hate me? we live in peace..

    if there was an issue between the imam and danish so it shoudnt get that far to draw the prophit in bad ways.. this not acceptabe as the pop said..ok

  27. Dani says:

    xxx …I dont hate muslims… order to hate someone you have to have feeling for them.

    I can tell you that the State department is adviceing people not to travel to a lot of places also not to travel to Morocco.

  28. xxx says:

    dan : i invite u to watch the peaceful demonstration in the moroccan capital today, it was really excellent, without any kind of violence .. it s was peacefull and it s danmark turn to respond now.

    we appreciate the apology from a norway magazine for reposting the cartoons, and i appreciate the result of 57% of norway people that voted against publishing the cartoons.. the magazine offecial says we didnt know how much muslims love thier prophet..

    it is really a great opportunity of tolerance that norway offers to the world peace.

    i also would thank sweden officials for not allowing an internet site to repost the cartoons.

    thanks again for all those who shows and believe in tolerance and peace .

  29. Libi says:

    “and yes i view danks, serbs, and the west as being one, u would do the same if u were given the chance, and we should be aware of that, and these drawings are just an example of how u hate us, and if u get the chance u will start killing us, raping, and stealing” Comment by Yehia

    This is an old quote, true, but when anyone, to me in my own opinion claims that “we’re all the same”, that is pure discrimination. This was about number 45 on message list. I live in this “west as being one” area and no, not everyone has the same opinion. It would be degrading and discriminatory as well if I said everyone who is not part of the west has exactly the same views. Not all of the ‘western’ world is at fault here for this cartoon issue. And by saying ‘cartoon issue’ I do not try to make light of what is going on now, what has been going on. This is where arguments and causations come from. This is how petty fights are started. Threating all of the Danish people will not solve anything because they not all had something to do with the issue. Apparently the Danish government has different ideas on what freedom of speech is that is different from some of the other ‘western’ areas and is different from some of the ‘Muslim’ areas. Those who drew the cartoons, once again stating not as a lightness of the issue, might not have known it was offensive to have illustrations of The Prophet. This is now then a harsh reality call for them. They who drew knew they would be offensive as a possibility but if, according to some of the Danish writiers on this website post, the papers also put cartoons of such ways on Christian view points and Jewish view points, then what is wrong? I am in no way saying these cartoons/pictures/illustrations are fine with me but that it seems as if the papers make fun of different religions as well. I support the boycott for it is a true way to make a difference. I do not see why the hate has escaladed into the as much violence as it is now. I know that religion is not a light matter, by which I mean religion is life. It is more than a belief but a part of who I am. But why this? Violence only brings more violence and in this world we should aim towards more peace, at least tollerance. The ‘west’ does not hate who ‘us’ is according to whom I have quoted from, because that is a generalized statement. Perhpas the governments do, but has it not been said many times on this website forum that the religion and government are seperate in many ‘western’ countries? Perhaps the government does have some ill will, but not all of the people. If you ask, go into the streets, you will find people who have no hatrid towards ‘us’. Forgive for bad syntax

  30. I don’t understand. Some european people say “muslims can’t take a joke”, as if over one billion people were behaving like a single person! I know muslims who are outraged by those cartoons and the western support for them, and yet they don’t burn flags or embassies. They are the vast majority, but nobody talks about them. Like nobody talks about those american protestants that shoot gay men just because they don’t like them, or attend funerals of people that have died of AIDS to sing aloud that “they are burning in hell” (supposing it is their duty to inform the relatives about this unpleasant truth) or attack women that want to abort and kill them and the doctors. THOSE are just a small minority of the christians, uh?
    Well, small loud minorities have always been very impressing on foreign, ignorant majorities.
    I dare say, if the Danish government had taken its distances from the newspaper in due time, maybe it all would have ended quick and well. And I HAVE seen the cartoons. Even though Pia Kjaergaard looks just as ugly as she actually is, almost all other cartoons are quite lame and clearly meant to offend and not to entertain.
    And after that, who has the right to say if a joke is funny or offensive, but its victim? Dani, since we leave in free countries, I suppose I could tell you to stick your comments about Italy up your a**, or “rende mig i røven”, using my freedom of speech? Wouldn’t I be committing a very gross act anyway if I insulted you, and would you deem it appropriate if I just dismissed your protests saying “Well, it was just for fun, you can’t take jokes”?
    I don’t think anybody on this website and surely not our muslims friends are saying that people are entitled to burn embassies or attack people in revenge. But according to me, they HAVE at least the right to be angry, because these cartoons were made expressedly for this purpose. And it is my duty as a good person to understand their feelings even when I don’t feel exactly the same.
    Moreover, please don’t lie: your comments have shown that you DO hate muslims (all of them, even those that didn’t do a thing about those cartoons!), you hate Italians (not just me… the whole of Italy, just because you don’t like me!), and you’re soon going to hate all the world this way. You’ll be wasting a lot of time hating other people. May I suggest you grow out of it?

  31. Dani says:

    Lorenzo ….I dont give a rats a** about what you think or say about me. I couldnt care less. And as you see I dont feel the need to slander you….witch makes me the bigger one.

    In order to hate someone…you need to feel something for them …becourse hate is a feeling. And Dear Lorenzo I dont hate you or the voilent muslims, becourse I dont have any feeling for you or towards you. Get it now ??

    And no I dont hate all muslims….the violent once I only have contemt towards. For my frinds who are muslims I respect them as a person ….and I do respect the none violent muslims that are open for dialog.

    ” Smid ikke med sten nÃ¥r du bor i et glas hus” Lorenzo you can learn from that. Your country is know for a lot of violence. I think its about time you stopped adding to the agenda. Deal with the issue and not add to it.

  32. Dani says:

    Lorenzo ….Please tell me…Do you know the storie behind the cartoons ??? and if you do …please tell me …..just in few words ???

  33. xxx says:

    any story could jestify it dan..

  34. xxx says:

    from bbcnews :
    “In Denmark, the culture editor of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper who first commissioned the cartoons was sent on indefinite leave after suggesting he would print Iranian cartoons of the Holocaust.”

    what a freedom of speech !!!!

  35. Dani says:

    XXX ….see once again you did answer the question …but gave a new one …How can anyone communicate like that!!!

    You also need to get your stories right, He has taken vacation becourse he the last 6 mounts have been under a lot of stress.

  36. I just read a very good article on this whole matter ( and I am a bit comforted that some people in Danmark still can see the whole point. Too bad it’s in danish, so I’ll have to mention a few things for those of you that can’t read the language: the meaning is, that the problems is not just those cartoons, but the whole western politics against muslim countries (and all non-western countries in fact). The cartoons were just the last of series of offending personal behaviours and government policies.
    The author says that the Danish government should simply have been quicker in doing what it did anyway: namely, taking distance from these drawings. It would have saved the world a lot of trouble, and the feelings of many people on both sides would have been better respected with such a dignified and simple conduct.
    The fact that the government waited so long and then gave up makes a very bad impression, like they didn’t do it because they believed in what they were saying, but just because they were afraid.

  37. xxx says:

    dan : communication needs tow parts which get to understand expressions, feelings,points of view …muslim’s organizations tried to solve it in better way b4 fire burnt in the whole world.. but danish(magazine and government officials)
    refused it.

    the danish magazine and government havent got to understand how the cartoon’s matter insutling muslims, there is no reason or story behind insulting holy prophits not even mohammed but jesus and so on..if they knew and am sure they knew , their aim is to make a wide distance between muslims and westerns in a world that suffers from conflicts and wars.

    dan , it was not my saying about magazine’s editor it was from BBC ..

  38. Dani says:

    XXX….all your comments on here have shown that you never reply to any question …your reply is always asking a new question.

    Let me just tell you what I saw last night on the News from Norway. They where interviewing an Imam (Abu Laban) in Denmark. During the interview there came another Imam into the room …and the Imam Abu Laban interdueced the other Imam as ” This is the man that went with our delegation to the middle east to make trouble…..and this man was the steered up the most trouble in Egypt”.

    After that they interviewed the new Imam….it turned out he used to live in Norway …but are now in denmark. And he told some of the things they said down in the middle east. Among that ….about them showing a cartoons that wasnt even published in any danish new paper. Those pic where from a french competition not even related to anything Danish.

    So from that repport you can get two facts:

    1) The agenda of the Imams going to the middle east, was to make a lot of trouble.


    2) getting that using any means possible….among that lies and false pictures.

    That so many muslims chose to believe them …just tell more about you. And that you follow there agenda with out checking the facts first. That is not actions anyone can respect.

    CHECK your facts.

  39. xxx says:

    dan; now u come now to say about imam stories, i dont care about what imam in norway or danemark say.. i do care about my prophet that s all, and the imam if he made trouble or not it s not my issue..

    i know that the cartoons came to the world by danish magazine that s it, and they admit it and now u come to say that it was from french competition, if a french man hear u saying that he will not be quite about it..

    again the imam in norway or danmark is not our issue, our protection is for our prophit and if the imam did something wrong there re courts and law…an imam never represent the whole religion, everyone could be mistaken and if that imam was making troubles so again the court is for law not in magazine papers..

  40. Dani says:

    XXX….First of all….if the Imams in Denmark had stayed in Denmark ….none of this would have happened, becourse nothing had happend untill after they came home from the trip, where they showed the 12 cartoons and the additional pictures (french picture) and told lies about Denmark.

    Also last year just after the Danish paper printed the cartoons, an Egyptian New paper printed them ….and nothing happened then….No protests, no demonstration and no violence. All of that started right after the Imams came back to Denmark, after there round trip to the muslim countries showing false pictures and telling lies.

    Believe me the Imams that made the trouble will be answering to the courts for spreading lies, becourse its it documented on film there lies.

    xxx….get your facts strieght ….I dont understand how you can talk so much, when you dont have the hole picture.

    Do you know the storie behind the cartoons ??? and if you do …pls tell me what it is ???

  41. xxx says:

    come on dan, why u to trying to avoid the situation? the world knows that the insulting pictures had been shown in danish magazine, the magazine’s officials admitted that they posted cartoons and nobody deny it, so why u try to make a story about the IMAMS, do u think this stroy would change something? the whole world knows the truth,

    ok let s not talking about cartoons, there is really something wrong with this danmark, tell me what about the dane princess and what she said in her book about fighting islam and make europe free from msulims(i read it my self as it was in the book from BBC ‘s website), was there an imam who added this in her book.. can u deny this as well and create a stroy about it..

    dan there is something wrong in danmark, it is facing more than one billion muslim, they should think a lot to bring the danish face as it was b4 when muslims think so good about this little european country.

  42. ammat allah says:

    and does the freedom of expresion com e to an end if any one tried to say anay thing about israel or the jews of course not that will b one hell of a crime , yet we can’t do it any way becaue our beloved prophet (PBUH) has teached us not to offense any other religions or prophets as they r all messengar’s of god
    as for all the danish people iam sure that most if not all of u have no clue of hwo Mohamed even is . so don’t you think that it’s only fair to know some one befor you datrt judging them or mocking them. PLZ stop this nonsense and ignorance at once .
    thanks to the web site 4 letting us talk and see what u think as well

  43. xxx says:

    AS we were shocked with the cartoons, a video type was born this morning, not from bin laden, el daoiaheri,ezerkaoui.. but from british soldiers in IRAK, it shows what we used to see in Isreal, british soldiers abusing and beating teenagers with great comments in it,not even the evil will comment as the cameraman, we just forgot about abou ghrib and now shame on the coialition occupation and their democracy, it is only one of the filmed stories without seeing what wasnt shoted during the occupation.

    as islaù teaches us we dont blame all, the british soldiers are chritians, but we muslims have no right to blame the chritians in south america or in asia or even in our societies, but if a muslim did something wrong in the west the muslims in the east must be as that one, yes we re all blamed and shame on islam, this is how the world seemed to be…

    the video show is just one of saddam’s shows.. no one is perfect now as the world noticed…

    i wish the world minds would get up one day and realize what is going on in it.

  44. Dani says:

    XXX….I dont think Denmark is facing 1 Billion muslims ….as you are 1.3 billions muslims in the hole world, But unless you are saying that 1 billion muslims are violent and threatning.

    My biggest wish is that USA, UK, Denmark and every other country that has an army in a muslim country, should bring there soilders home. And then the muslim people can kill eachother off as much as you like.

    Becourse you are the kid screaming laudest doesnt mean you are right.

  45. xxx says:

    u see u burst at last dan, it s a scandal what happen with british soldiers..

    u know dan ur brain is full of hate i cant going on with u….

  46. Varjag says:

    Boycotting danish products are hurting swedish dairy farmers too, as Arla Foods is owned to about 50% by said farmers.
    So we swedes are apparently also guilty of offending the Prophet.

    Our embassies receive the same warnings as the danish, norwegian and finnish.
    All our citizens are made aware of the risks of visiting certain regions because of this.

    Despite this, we still support freedom over repressive laws.
    The notion that religion should dictate what can or cannot be said is ridiculous.

    If that were the case I would be the first to start a new religion which decreed that everything I said was sacred.

  47. Dani says:

    XXX…..Again …..and how I disslike repeating myself …..In order for anyone to hate…they have to have feeling for it. And XXX….Believe me I have no feeling for those muslim people that shows there point by threatning and making violence. No feeling at all ….therefore no hate for them.

    Do I need to repeate that to you again …then let me know.

  48. xxx says:

    dan this is ur saying: “And then the muslim people can kill eachother off as much as you like”

    someone who says this does anyone see a light and peace from him?

    review what u said…

  49. xxx says:

    41 of biggest islamic scholars have condemned the attak on the danish and others embassies, for not spoiling the image of a real islam.

    i hope that the danish government would conceder this attitude as a begining of a new page of peace,love and respect.

  50. Monitor says:

    And with that, this comments thread is now closed. Thank you for your contributions.