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Madonna gets stomped in Russia

Madonna’s “Confessions” tour has predictably run into more trouble. It happens with such regularity that it is barely worth reporting, but in this case the protest group has a funny name and its leaders sport amusing hats and beards, so here you go.

Leonid Simanovich-Nikshich, leader of a group calling itself the Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers, is demanding that the show be banned:

We will never allow her to desecrate our greatest icons. We demand to drive Madonna out of Russian territory.

Let’s wait and see, shall we?

At the rally in Moscow, attended by around 100 supporters, Simanovich-Nikshich and a couple of henchmen speared a poster of Madonna with a wooden pike, ripped it up, tossed the pieces on the ground and stamped on them.

Sorry, we don’t have it on video.