Motoons doc shown on Danish TV

Bloody Cartoons, a documentary about the Motoons controversy, was shown on Danish TV last week. (The linked preview is worth a look, if only for footage the Egyptian pop singer threatening Danes with hell fire, and a defiant Kurt Westergaard painting another Motoon for the camera).

Flemming Rose blogs about it. They interview Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who called for a “day of rage”, and discover that he had never actually seen the cartoons himself. They talk to the secretary general of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Ekmeliddin Ihsamoglu, suggesting he had some responsibility for the violence. Both men get annoyed.

But the scoop of the film is an interview with a “professional demonstrator” in Iran:

This 72-year old man is instructing the Basij forces of the revolutionary guard to attack the Danish embassy. Reporter Karsten Kjaer finds him in a town outside Teheran, and contrary to all the official figures the guy is honest.
‘We heard that the Prophet had been insulted, so in a letter to the Danish ambassador we demanded that the Danish government punish the offenders and apologize,’ he explains.
‘But did you see the cartoons?’
‘No, I did not.’
When he is presented with the cartoon showing Mohammed with a bomb in his turban he replies.
‘Is this Mohammed? He doesn’t look like the prophet. He is an Indian Sikh.’

That’s what all the fuss was about?

Here’s a another trailer:

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