The case of the pretend gay padre

tommaso stenicoMonsignor Tommaso Stenico was “outed” in an Italian TV sting. An independent reporter posing as a homosexual arranged via a gay website to meet several Catholic priests. Mgr Stenico, of the Congregation for the Clergy, actually invited him to his office in the Vatican.

Stenico asked the man “Do you like me?” and explained that he did not think homosexual sex was sinful. As the reported was leaving, the padre informed him that he was “tasty”. The documentary was shown on Italian TV, and Stenico identified by his voice and his office.

Stenico now claims he is not gay, and that he was simply conducting “research”:

I only pretended I was gay to study how priests are seduced.

There are people who go after them …I really believe there is a diabolical plan by groups of Satanists.

The Vatican is investigating. Intriguingly, photos of the pretend-gay padre have been removed from his website.

“Tasty” Tommaso Stenico is 60 years old.

(Hat tip The Freethinker)

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