Harry’s Place sued by “Hamas UK”

We reported on July 4 that Harry’s Place was being threatened by the British Muslim Initiative for accurately translating what turned out to be a mistranscription of an al Jazeera interview with the BMI’s president. (For some strange reason that article does not appear on MWW’s front page).

Al Jazeera had apparently “sexed up” the words of Mohammed Sawalha, reporting that he had used the phrase “evil Jew” in his speech, when in fact he had said “Jewish lobby”. The Al Jazeera report was subsequently altered to reflect this, as DavidT of Harry’s Place duly noted.

Now we hear that a solicitor’s letter has been delivered on BMI’s behalf, demanding the original articles be taken down and an apology issued.

Sawalha, who is an activist with the anti-semitic and hateful organisation Hamas, is apparently objecting to the implication that he is “anti-semitic and hateful”.

Fortunately, Harry’s Place is having none of it, and has responded robustly.

A member of Hamas has no reputation to defend.

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