Mufti v mufti in Serbia

The story below about how a Serbian mufti called Muamer Zukorlic managed to get The Jewel of Medina withdrawn from bookshops has taken another turn. A rival mufti, this time from The Islamic Community of Serbia (as opposed to just The Serbian Islamic Community, or something like that), has accused Zukorlic of trying to make a name for himself as the sole representative of all Muslims in the country.

Adem Ziklic, the dissenting mufti, says:

This way Zukorlic has imposed himself as the only protector of Islam and causing this much stir over the book will only result in a bigger demand for the novel.

I doubt that the mufti has read the book and it seems he is acquainted only with the parts which directly refer to scenes from the Koran (the Muslim holy book).

The way Zukorlic is preening himself reveals quite clearly the urge for self-aggrandisement that so often lies behind these displays of religious outrage. Listen to this:

I expect that no one will ever again with any publication insult Muslim sanctity. The Jewel of Medina will not have its second edition.

Doesn’t he sound remarkably like Stephen Green?

(Hat tip, Islam in Europe)

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