“Kill Your God” comedy too strong for Leicester

<a>Send him to God Heaven</a>: The title was too much for Leicester to bear

Send him to God Hell: The title was too much for Leicester

They didn’t bat an eyelid in sectarian Glasgow or, unsurprisingly, in godless Brighton, but the title of comedy duo The Heresy Project‘s latest show “Kill Your God” proved too much for the sensitive souls of Leicester to bear.

As was part of the blurb for the show which read,

The Heresy Project’s mission is to eradicate all religious persecution once and for all, by the simple process of eradicating all religion

And a quote from The List,

God is a nonsense and you’re all wrong

All of these were banned from the website and programme of the Leicester Comedy Festival. In order to perform there, comedians Rick Molland and Sully O’Sullivan had to compromise by renaming the show Comedy For the Godless, and agree to remove those nasty anti-god words from the blurb.

But there’s a happy ending. Due to a copy-paste error, the original blurb appears in the programme, albeit with the revised title. Maybe there is a god!

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