Norwegian ambassador says “sorry” on behalf of newspaper

Pakistan’s Daily Mail carries a story claiming that the Norwegian ambassador to Pakistan has “strongly regretted” the re-publication of the Turbomb Motoon in the pages of Aftenposten.

Robert Kvile allegedly is of the view that the Norwegian government would “strive to reform understandings and to devise a strategy to stop such practices in future”.

Kvile and the Motoon: Image take from The Freethinker

Kvile was summoned to the office of the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi, where he was informed that:

that people of Pakistan were very sensitive and love respect the last messenger of Almighty Allah, adding that their reactions were genuine and constructive. He added that Islam teaches tolerance and peace and discourages extremism.

According to the minister, re-publication of the image had

dented the feelings of the 1.5 billion Muslim community in the World

All of whom have subscriptions to Aftenposten, presumably. Who knew?

(Hat tip, The Freethinker)

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