Doctor’s Data doctors data!

Quack laboratory testers, Doctor’s Data, are suing QuackWatch. Here’s the latest letter:

Dr. Barrett,

You have been making false statements about Doctor’s Data and have damaged this company’s business and reputation, and you have done so for personal gain and your own self-interest, disguised as performing a public service. Â Your writings and conduct are clearly designed to damage Doctor’s Data. Â If you don’t retract your false claims and issue a public apology, the lawsuit will be filed.

Today is June 14th, which is the deadline that was in our letter of June 2nd. Because you responded, you have until Thursday, June 17th, to post your retractions. If you do so and show good faith immediately, this will be taken into account in proceeding.

Jeff Levens
Augustine, Kern and Levens, Ltd.

The company specialises in providing “tests” for alternative treatments such as chelation therapy, and presenting the results in a way which is favorable to their clients. Was it clever of them to give the company a name which describes exactly what it does? Or did they not realise that Doctor’s Data sounds like an admission?

The latter, probably. By bringing the lawsuit against QuackWatch, they are exposing themselves to the light.

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