Cathedral fundraiser protestors largely ignored

Chelmsford Cathedral’s tsunami fundraiser was a sellout success, raising £15,000 for the relief effort, according to The East Anglian Daily Times. But a group from Dagenham parish church protested nevertheless, because the choir included two members of the cast of Jerry Springer: The Opera.

No mention of Stephen Green, who issued a press release about the fundraiser last week on the Christian Voice website. In his usual colorful language, Green described the performers as “a group of foul mouthed reprobates” and declared

To allow those who let obscenity come out of their mouth every night and are partakers in a mockery of our Saviour to perform in Chelmsford Cathedral  as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths is as much a deliberate insult to the Christian Community as the broadcast of ‘Springer’ on BBC2 was. 

I recommend you read the realease in its entirety if you need cheering up on this most depressing day of the year. It’s a masterpiece of impotent rage!

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  1. Tim Emanuel says:

    Bedella is a practising homosexual…