The inspiration

In December 2004 a group of Sikhs succeeded, by the use of violence and intimidation, to get a play in Birmingham cancelled. This seemed to excite a number of Christians, who thought “We could do that”, and, when the opportunity arose in the form of the BBC broadcasting a production of Jerry Springer: The Opera, organised an email campaign which resulted in death threats being issued to the show’s producer.

The roles of MediaWatch-UK, the Daily Mail, and Christian Voice are well documented at Bloggerheads. This site will keep a close track on developments.

2 Responses to “The inspiration”

  1. Tim Ireland says:


    Bless you. Seriously.

    This came as a complete surprise (I found you through a quick check of Technorati).

    You will have all the Google-juice you need.

  2. David says:

    Thanks, Tim. I’m completely surprised too – that anyone found this place! It’s still very much in beta, but will be fully functioning within a few days/weeks. Your support is greatly appreciated.