“Exorcist” show gets Beyer’s head spinning

Channel 4 are due to show a live exorcism at the end of this month. In spite of the fact that it falls within Ofcom’s guidelines (see section 1.10(i)), in that it is to be shown after the watershed and purports to be a scientific investigation into the phenomenon, Beyer is up in arms about it.

This sounds very dangerous and will cause considerable unease.

People in broadcasting never learn anything – they don’t consider how it will affect the audience. This is not only ill-advised, it could be harmful.

(Quote from Yabedo.)

8 Responses to ““Exorcist” show gets Beyer’s head spinning”

  1. Dan says:

    Does John Beyer realise that exoricisms are not real?

  2. David says:

    I’m not sure. I’ll ask him.

  3. Monitor says:

    Yes, John Beyer believes in demonic possession. When I asked him, he replied “…if demonic possession is not a reality why, I wonder, is Channel 4 taking up so much time and effort trying to prove or disprove it in a ‘legitmate investigation'”. He then went on to point out that The Exorcist was based on “actual events”.

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  5. Dan says:

    Proof positive that John Beyer is mad

  6. stephanie says:

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  7. Anon says:

    Demons do exist and demonic possession is real. I’ve first hand experience of this. The Channel 4 show was just basically spinning out a very dreary event of minor spiritual oppression. It wasn’t an exorcism in the true sense, whether there was real demonic possession and the person was truly enslaved by evil spirits.

    The Deliverance Ministry sect, may serve its congretants well, but I feel personally that it’s too much to cast out demons from people every week or so. People just don’t need this kind of spiritual intervention. Exorcism and deliverance should only be undertaken if it’s really necessary.

    Taking holy communion, praying to God, leading a Christian life, should be enough to be filled with his sanctifying Grace to save and preserve you from the stings and arrow of Satan and his acolytes.

    If this sounds cloying and overly Christian – it’s not meant to be. But when you know the truth – it’s hard to keep hearing lies ………….

  8. Tamy says:

    I agree with Anon: demons do exist and demonic possession is real. Maybe some of us don’t believe just because they didn’t see. I think it is understandable.