Christian Voice to target abortionists and pregnant women

Fired up by the recent publicity he’s been getting, manly Christian Stephen Green has decided expand his intimidation campaign from TV producers and cancer charities to include the staff at abortion clinics and the women who use them.

From today’s Times:

“The taking of innocent blood brings judgment on our land and cries to Heaven for vengeance,” he said. “The presence of abortion centres in our towns is iniquitous. They should be shut down. It would not take much: just a few prayer vigils outside clinics.”

This is disturbing. It is suspected the Christian Voice has links with extremist groups in America, and it has already worked together with fellow fundamentalists The UK Life League in its anti JS:TO campaign. (See this month’s Esquire for a short feature on one if the UKLL’s leading lights – thanks, Peter).

Meanwhile, as predicted, anyone taking the trouble to express their concern directly to Stephen Green only succeeds in further convincing him of his own righteousness:

With all the hate mail I have been getting, I am obviously rattling Satan’s cage.

UPDATE: various editorials in the Sunday papers, all condemnatory. Magnus Linklater in the Scotsman draws parallels with US extremists and says CV “deserve to be shouted down at every opportunity”. Iain S Bruce writes a thorough analysis in the Sunday Herald drawing together various groups such at CV, MediaWatch-UK, The Christian Institute, and Mediamarch. There is also a rather feeble piece by Katie Grant in the Sunday Times – Scotland which I include just for reference.

Final words from Stephen Green (quoted from the Herald article):

People seem to want us to stay silent. They think we should remain quiet and stay in our box, but let me assure you that we will not be silenced now or at any point in the future… Jerry Springer is just one issue, and believe me when I say that we are ready to fight on plenty of others. We will be watching and waiting – and the Lord will lead us.

UPDATE: Stephen Green claims in the February newsletter that the Times misreported his views, and CV has no plans to target abortion clinics in the near future, although if his deity “moved” supporters to do so it would be a good thing.

5 Responses to “Christian Voice to target abortionists and pregnant women”

  1. danfactor says:

    Perhaps it’s time to mount a protest against Stephen Green and Christian Voice and their attempts to force their beliefs upon everyone else.

  2. Inquisitor says:

    I wrote about this last night in my blog, and that stuff still stands.

    What “prayer vigils” means is undoubtedly an American-fundamentalist style harassment session, featuring a braying mob shouting at the unfortunate women who’re going into the clinic – even if they’re not going in for an abortion. Hopefully, the Public Order Act will stop these people, but considering the hands-off way the police deals with, for example, the BNP (the truly shameful prosecution of a trade union leader who placed a wreath over theirs at a Holocaust Memorial Day commemmoration says it all) I don’t expect that to happen. Shame.

  3. Andy says:

    Does anyone have Stephen Green’s address and phone number? I know he lives ‘on a smallholding in Carmarthen’, according to one newspaper report I read at the weekend (26 or 27 February). It might not be a bad thing if his address and phone number found their way, somehow, onto a few discussion lists on the Net.

  4. Bloggerheads says:

    Stephen Green; full of Teh Glory of God, self-importance or crap?

    Stephen Green (more here) appears to have gone mad with power and is now targeting abortionists. This quote shows how delusional this man is and how difficult it’s going to be to deal with him… “Perhaps the Lord thinks I…

  5. Christopher Shell says:

    SG publishes his own address and He’s not worldly wise enough to realise one shouldnt. So if he is just a normal non-worldly-wise, non-powerful, not-especially-rich person, why see him as a threat? Im trying to pin down the reason why you cant stop talking about him.