Green wants a war

Another article from Iain S Bruce at the Sunday Herald with lots of juicy quotes from our self-styled John the Baptist.

We have been too silent and too pious for too long. It’s time to come out of our holy boxes and take the battle onto the streets.

Holy boxes? They’ve been stuck in holy boxes and now they’re going to get out of them and take to the streets? Sounds like Dawn of the Dead.

No wonder so many men have drifted away from the church: they need something to do rather than sitting back in quiet acceptance. They need a war – and we will give them one to fight.

So much for “blessed are the peacemakers” then.

We have written to MPs and members of the House of Lords and nothing has changed, so let’s see if they listen to us when we’re banging on their doors.

We’ve looked at the success of campaign groups such as Fathers 4 Justice and the pro-hunting lobby. We have learned from them what we can, and will be putting these lessons into practice during the months and years ahead.

This could turn nastier. As Stephen Green inevitably starts slipping out of the limelight in the coming weeks and months – as he started to after the initial JS:TO furore died down – he will probably resort to increasingly desperate tactics to regain publicity. He has a taste for it now. Blackmailing cancer charities was just the start.

One Response to “Green wants a war”

  1. Christopher Shell says:

    How do you know he is motivated by publicity? All the like-minded Christians I know are motivated by justice, righteousness and suchlike.

    Why not simply admit that it is guesswork that he is motivated by publicity?