Dibley more offensive than Springer, says CRAC head

The Guardian today has two articles about a widely-ignored media group called the Central Religious Advisory Committee (CRAC). It was formed 40 years ago, and is currently chaired by The Bishop of Norwich, Graham James.

On the Vicar of Dibley Xmas special:

I thought the initial series very good. I thought the last Christmas Day edition more seriously offensive than Jerry Springer. The jokes about Jesus were in pretty poor taste and the drunken performances at midnight mass lost touch with reality,

says the bishop, who obviously knows reality when he sees it.

Other complaints include the fact that CRAC wasn’t consulted over the broadcast of JS:TO, that Ofcom has agreed to allow ITV to halve its religious output, and that “the western secular liberal mindset seems to dominate broadcasting”.

As opposed to the middle eastern theocratic totalitarian mindset, presumably.

One Response to “Dibley more offensive than Springer, says CRAC head”

  1. The name (CRAC) says it all.

    Why expect sense from a bunch of crackheads!