Christians crusade against Christian crusade film

According to The Sunday Times, conservative Christians are up in arms against the latest Ridley Scott film, The Kingdom of Heaven.

After a special preview for religious journalists, one thin-skinned critic from Plugged In Film Review complained that the film depicted Christians as “mean spirited”.

The Bishop of Jerusalem is a coward who deserts his flock, and most of the crusaders are driven by greed rather than piety. This is not how Christians I know see each other, nor will we want to see this film.

Driven purely by piety, the generous-spirited US religious press will urge American born-againers, of which there are an estimated 80m, to avoid the film.

Quite right too. Anyone suggesting that the crusaders were anything but patriotic Americans doing their duty to God and country must be a Christian-hating liberal elitist. Let’s hope our UK campaigners take a similar stand.

UPDATE: Reaction to the film from the Muslim community seems generally, but not exclulsively, positive. “We have Christians who think this movie is pro-Muslim and Muslims who think that this movie is pro-Christian,” says Egyptian actor Khaled el-Nabawy, who plays an imam in the film. “It will make both go and see the movie.”
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7 Responses to “Christians crusade against Christian crusade film”

  1. tom p says:

    I love these guys.
    Of course, they’re absolutely right. Anyone who calls themselves is christian must be motivated entirely by love of heir fellow man and altruism, otherwise why would they say they’re christian? What would they stand to gain from it? I mean, look at George Bush. Or Tony Blair. Or Margaret Thatcher. They’re clearly all honest decent loving people who have only ever sought power to make their fellow human beings’ lives happier.

  2. Stuart says:

    Look on the bright side – at least there’ll be more room in the cinema.
    Don’t you just hate it when it gets to the good bit in a film and those blokes in front won’t take their white pointy hoods off?

  3. Tania says:

    And then there’s the ones who sit outside the cinema having ‘prayer groups’…yes if mumbling about those dastardly ‘Christian-haters’ is a message to God…then let’s just wait for judgement day…
    Christians think they’re so above themselves, and then every one of them if flawless. Grrrr yes of course they are all perfect and all loving and totally generous; obviously they all give up their paypacket for charity every month and are not ‘sexually deviant’.
    I’m just off to go and listen to my JSTO soundtrack. Nooo I’m going to hell!

  4. Tania says:

    When I said ‘themselves’ I meant ‘everyone else’…and when I said ‘then’ I meant ‘that’


  5. David - U.S. says:

    So, if the Christians of that time slaughtered people out of “greed” that would be wrong–but if they did the same violence out of “piety” then somehow it’s ok?

    I see that we really haven’t progressed very far in the logic or sophistication of moral thinking since that Dark Age after all.

  6. Christopher Shell says:

    Most of the poor soldiers of that time were illiterate and had never read what the Bible says about ‘blessed are the peacemakers’. But thats no excuse, since those who could have informed them otherwise failed to do so.
    Reminds me of a mate I had once who used to think that the Salvation Army were the ones who shot everyone who wasnt a Christian….

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