Pushing the wrong buttons

News that Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 includes a parental control function which will allow parents to stop their children playing violent games has failed to impress “Massah” John Beyer.

To have mum and dad pressing buttons here and there just isn’t the way that most families deal with these things. I think it is unrealistic of the games people to expect parents to have total control.

One suspects if Mediawatch-UK and its supporters could only master the concept of “pressing buttons here and there” all their problems would be solved. Unfortunately, even the buttons on their remote controls seem to be beyond them.

If only the state would take control of the media, making it decent and Christian, then all this confusing button-pressing would no longer be necessary.

One Response to “Pushing the wrong buttons”

  1. Dan Factor says:

    If parents could block all violent games from their kids consoles it would mean Beyer could not use the “what will this sort of stuff do to children?” argument. Therefore he would have less ammo to aruge for more censorship of the game industry and more restrictions on adults gamers’ free choice.
    So naturally he wants to criticise this security system