Bush’s butt kicked off internet

bush bum
Istanbul-based British satirist Michael Dickinson had his Lycos/Tripod website shut down for allegedly violating of their Terms of Service after he published this photoshopped picture of George W Bush taking down his shreddies. His website, Carnival of Chaos, had been publishing similar material since 2002 – including nude shots of Ariel Sharon, Condoleeza Rice, and Laura Bush – but George W’s arse was obviously a step too far for the American internet company.

Index on Censorship has Michael’s story, and also the full-sized picture entitled Tyrant’s Pants.

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  1. Stuckism says:

    See more of Michael Dickinson’s images that were on Carnival of Chaos here:

  2. Michael Dickinson contacted us about the treatment he’d gotten from those nazi scumbags Lycos and we were so pissed off by what they’d done that our webmistress has written a story about it which you can read on our site.

    Bush furious over Tyrant’s Pants ban

    Keli McTaggart,
    Senior Editor

  3. […] Dickinson himself came to MWW’s attention in May last year when his Tripod website was closed down as a result of his posting another world-leader-dissing piece of photoshoppery – that time of President Bush with a cruise missile flying out of his arse-crack. The image was entitled Tyrant’s Pants. […]