BBC Director Bennet on the Springer case

The BBC has finally confirmed that the Christian Institute’s attempted prosecution was rejected last week (see article below).

The Director of television Jana Bennett, who has spoken up strongly for freedom of expression before, said,

Jerry Springer – The Opera has marked a significant landmark in the BBC’s right to maintain freedom of speech and editorial independence.

While we take any potential to offend the audience very seriously, we believe that it is the BBC’s right and duty to remain a public space in which the widest range of ideas and creativity can be shared by the public.

I realise that for some people this was a difficult production and look forward to continuing to also transmit a range of inspiring and creative religious output to reflect different religious communities and faith.

One Response to “BBC Director Bennet on the Springer case”

  1. Andy A says:

    This is not about Springer, but is is about the Beeb. I’m waiting for Beyer’s comments (if he saw it and understood it)on last night’s final episode of the current Doctor Who series. Not only did we get a kiss on the lips for the Doctor from his bisexual male companion, Captain Jack Harkness (played by the gorgeous gay hunk John Barrowman), which the Doctor returned, but the Emperor Dalek was clearly taking over from God. I’ve always seen the Doctor as a sort of Jesus figure, anyway, but there have been so many writers and script editors over the years that it would be impossible to say whether he’s ‘meant’ to be or not. Beyer wet his knickers over the so-called crucifixion scene a few weeks ago, of course (the Doctor was merely shackled, and if your hands are higher than you are and a bit above you, you will adopt a cruciform attitude – simple as that). But this before-the-watershed ‘children’s’ programme with a man kissing a man who is seen by some as a Jesus figure … Well. It’s disgusting. I shall write to my MP about it. And The Times!