Turtle’s head done in by kiss

While Massah John Beyer is away, Dave Turtle heads the Mediawatch-UK quote machine to the best of his ability. When the Daily Star (no direct link) calls for a comment on the Dr Who “gay kiss”, he does not flinch from his duty.

The final episode of the already-classic BBC sci-fi series featured the bi-sexual Captain Jack Harkness bidding his two friends, Rose and the Doctor, a final farewell. Convinced they were all going to die, Captain Jack kissed both his buddies on the lips before going downstairs to do mortal battle with the invading daleks.

Little Dave T must have seen something something sexually perverse in the scene because he said:

This is totally inappropriate, considering Doctor Who goes out in the early evening and is meant to be for family viewing.

What is going on, we wonder, in Turtle’s head?

And will we ever tire of that joke?

(Tipped from Outpost Gallifrey)

9 Responses to “Turtle’s head done in by kiss”

  1. Olly says:

    Yes, because everyone who has ever kissed someone of the same sex must be a raving homosexual out to corrupt the children of this country. A kiss can’t have any context apart from the sexual, after all.

  2. Judgemonkey says:

    I seem to remember that some fella’ called Jesus did quite a lot of kissing for one reason or another. Oh, sorry that was the bible. Move along. Nothing to see!

  3. Biscit says:

    Maybe I’m being a bit too smug, but I’m quite impressed, given the furoure at the Doctor kissing Grace in 1996, at the way few people are even batting an eyelid at this.

    As yet there appears to be no reaction on the Media Watch site, do I take it that even they are embarassed at being seen to object to this sort of thing, and they’re going to brush Turtle’s outburst under the carpet?

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  5. Mike says:

    Was it just me, or did anyone else get the feeling that the BBC was having a bit of a laugh at Christian Voice in the last episode of Doctor Who on Saturday?

    Listening to the Emperor Dalek proclaiming himself as God, and all the other Daleks screaming “blaspehemy, blasphemy” at the Doctor, immediately brought the JSTO/Christian Voice episode back into my head, certainly a memorable episode, great fun!

  6. Dan Factor says:

    In the new series the Doctor will face his greatest advesary yet. Stephen Green and John Beyer who go around the universe trying to rid “smut” and “filth” from TV screens by EXTERMINATING TV sets.


    I didnt even know Cap Jack was bi-sexual. I thought that “kiss” was a joke. My family laughed when they saw it. Seems Dave Turtle and mediawatch need a sense of humour.

  7. Andy A says:

    MW haven’t spotted that the guy playing Captain Jack – John Barrowman – is himself gay, and out and proud. Whatever next? They’ll be having pooves on Blue Peter next! (FYI: My impression of the 1996 furore was that the Doctor was seen as a sexual being, and has hitherto been asexual, as far as we the viewers were able to tell. Same in the novels. The kiss with Captain Jack was not a sexual thing, but the Eccleston Doctor did not flinch, merely reciprocated in the manner the kiss was given. I think the (out gay) exec producer and the writer of this two-parter, Russell T Davies, was making a deliberate point about having the Doc kiss both the male and female in just the same way, leaving us to interpret the kisses as we might.)

  8. Nick says:

    Well they had pooves on Live and Kicking – John Barrowman used to be a presenter on that!

  9. Biscit says:

    Hmm… well… for me there were far worse sexual references between Mickey and Rose two episodes beforehand, but I suppose they went under MediaWatch’s radar.

    Still no mention on their website- but that could be because they are rubbish with new fangled technology.