Festival of filth

Challenging the proposed Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill will be a dominant feature in this year’s Edinburgh Festival fringe, according to The Oberver today.

Stewart Lee, author of Jerry Springer: The Opera, promises a particularly blasphemous routine:

I had wanted to call my show Stewart Lee Likes to Incite Religious Hatred, but I thought it was such a bad, woolly law, that it would not still be around by the summer. […]

I have tried to write the most indefensibly blasphemous show there could possibly be. A lot of it is a dialogue between me and Jesus about what counts as acceptable forms of expression. It ends with Jesus asking my forgiveness.

5 Responses to “Festival of filth”

  1. Andy A says:

    Let’s hope our comedians continue with their ‘blasphemy’ (whatever that is) if and when this risible proposal becomes law. It would certainly raise awareness of just how crass and stupid and totally unfit to govern NuLabour are and I guess it wouldn’t take much to get a fighting fund going if half a dozen much-loved comics faced jail or stiff fines. Perhaps they’ll qualify as the fools of old, and be allowed to say things you and I are not.

  2. G. Tingey says:

    Ah, but, most importantly, will someone have the bottle to be rude about “submission”?
    Will Hyaan Hirsan Ali be quoted, or Theo v. Goch?
    If not, there’s no point, is there?

  3. Christopher Shell says:

    Wow Stuart, youre so daring. We all wish we could be as cool as you.

  4. tom p says:

    Christopher – is that meant to be some kind of a fan haiku to stuart? if so, you’re missing 2 syllables, probably somewhere after could. Or was this just posted in the wrong comments section?

  5. Christopher Shell says:

    LOL – reminds me of Barry Kent’s feeble poem in ‘The Secret Diary’ which won first prize when it was wrongly mistaken for a haiku.