The BBC is braced for complaints about its its latest drama series, which cost £60m to make. Rome, which features full frontal nudity and violent sex scenes, has been described by Newsweek magazine as “I Claudius on steroids and Viagra.” The joint venture with American broadcaster HBO will be shown on BBC2 in November.

John Beyer of Mediawatch-UK:

It seems to me that in terms of listening to what the people want, the BBC is falling on deaf ears. I feel it is simply not good enough, indeed HBO has a reputation for pushing back the boundaries of taste and decency. It beggars ones belief, however the public need to be protected from bad language and pornography of this sort.

Actually, he didn’t say any of that. Sounded like him though, didn’t it?

6 Responses to “Rome”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    You had me going for a while there.

  2. tom p says:

    me too

  3. Garry says:

    Indeed. I’m with Andrew and Tom.

  4. Dan Factor says:

    I am surprised Beyer has yet to comment on this supposedly violent programme.
    I expect he will stick his two pence worth in at the time of the broadcast as it will generate more publicity for himself and Mediawatch UK.

  5. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    I, a member of the public, clearly need to be “protected” from John Beyer and his sort, not any adult pornography of any sort…

    I am concerned about my children. I am concerned about their future freedoms, firmly under attack from Mr. Beyer, and his like…