Blog forced to close by fatuous whiner

Shot by Both Sides was a popular, acerbic, left-leaning blog which MWW used to read regularly. That was until John B commented on Ken Livingstone’s “concentration camp guard” remark, and the over-reaction of the Board of Deputies of British Jews to it:

Send the Board [of Deputies] to the gas chambers, that’s what I say (no, not for their ethnicity; for their fatuous whining. And obviously, the people who complain about Bob Geldof saying ‘fuck’ on the telly should be ahead of them in the queue….)

John’s CV was on his website. Someone took such strong offence to his remarks that they contacted his employers. John was forced to shut down his blog.

Europhobia has a roundup of the reaction from the blogosphere to this outrage.

2 Responses to “Blog forced to close by fatuous whiner”

  1. Joe says:

    It might not be all bad – Newton Emerson from the Portadown News had to leave his job after a miserable shitehawk from the Andersonstown News ‘outed’ him, and now he’s writing for pretty much every newspaper in Ireland, plus the occasional spot in the Grauniad.

  2. Marc says:

    I’ve been in much the same position myself. Now I’m an ardent educationalist fighting to get back what the Xian idiots are trying to take from us: our children’s minds!