Royal Mail caves in to Hindu stamp rage

As reported in variousIndian news sources, the Royal Mail has bowed to pressure from Hindu community leaders and agreed not to print any more of the offending stamps.

Joanne Davis, External Relations Manager of the company, said on Monday:

Following a conversation between Barry Gardiner, Minister for Competitiveness, and the Royal Mail, the company has agreed to revise the arrangements for its special issue of 68 pence Christmas stamp.

The company will now tell Post Office branches not to issue the 68 pence Christmas stamp to customers unless specifically requested. Royal Mail will not carry out a second print run of the stamp. Current stocks will be exhausted in two to three days.

The Royal Mail has also promised to “review its procedures” to make sure that in future no offence is caused to any UK community. This means, no doubt, that it will consult with self-appointed community leaders before printing any more stamps.

5 Responses to “Royal Mail caves in to Hindu stamp rage”

  1. G. Tingey says:

    Pathetic, gutless, whingeing cowards – if true …..

  2. Andy Gilmour says:

    Bah! Humbug!

    Another bloody victory for the supernaturalists.

  3. Shaun Hollingworth says:

    Why don’t we just find any sort of religion “offensive” and get rid of the lot of it…. I am sick of them all

  4. Stuart says:

    As a self-appointed leader of the Flying Spaghetti Monster community, which is highly offended at this blatent censorship of our magic symbol (the ‘P’ sign) I now intend to stamp my foot, huff and puff until the stamp is reprinted – so there!

  5. Flotsam says:

    It seems that commercial and aesthetic decisions at the Post Office are now being taken by people who worship not just elephants but also people with eight arms. Please tell me I’m reading this in my sleep and having a nightmare.