Ladies making a splash

John Beyer of Mediawatch UK was quoted on at least two occasions yesterday. The first concerned a “lesbian kiss” on Eastenders, a popular BBC soap opera.

The kiss prompted 22 complaints from furious viewers, according to Life Style Extra. Beyer commented:

It’s par for the course now for television soaps. The whole shockability has gone out of that thing these days.

As it was before the watershed we urge people who found it offensive to contact the BBC. We are aiming to make producers and broadcasters more accountable for what they screen.

Unfortunately, he never explained why a kiss involving two women should be considered more offensive than one between a man and a woman, so we’re not sure what his point is. The BBC phone number to ring if you want to express your bafflement that anyone should be offended by such a thing is 08700 100 222. They are always very appreciative of messages of support.

The Sun reports on I’m A Celebrity – Get me Out of Here! contestant Kimberley Davies, who is threatening to sue the producers after she cracked a rib jumping from a helicopter. When The Sun phoned Beyer for his opinion, he said “I’m sorry, but this is not an issue of taste or decency and therefore beyond the stated remit of my organisation. I have nothing relevant or interesting to say on the matter. No comment.”

Oh no, hang on. That must have been from a dream we had about a utopian future where celebrities have infrangible ribs and rent-a-quote media watchdogs have a modicum of integrity. What the Sage of Ashford actually said was:

It is irresponsible of ITV to expect celebs to jump out of helicopters — it is really going too far. The whole thing is calculated to win ratings, but ITV should be banned from pulling stunts like this.

That’s better.

6 Responses to “Ladies making a splash”

  1. Andrew Nixon says:

    You just know John Beyer would probably go on “I’m willing to do anything to keep my career, get me out of here”, or whatever it’s called.

    Would it be mean if I wished that his parachute didn’t open when he jumped from the helicopter?

  2. If the “shockability has gone out of that thing these days”, what did people ring up and complain for?

  3. Sunny says:

    Lol at that last comment!

  4. Sunny says:

    Doh! I mean the comment in the original post. Wasn’t laughing at Peter.

  5. Dan Factor says:

    Is Beyer admitting he doesn’t find it shocking? Perish the thought!
    I find it more preachy than offensive, I get sick of soaps trying to be politcally correct and getting all smug just cos they show gays and lesbians kissing. Ohhh so right on! It’s boring!

  6. johnnyh says:

    They could have picked better looking actresses to kiss. How do I complain to the BBC about that?