Liverpool Christians protest JS:TO

Jerry Springer: The Opera is scheduled to play the Liverpool Empire in June next year. According to icLiverpool, a group of Christians led by Alan Chester of Christian Voice say they will hold demonstrations against the musical in a bid to stop anyone watching it.

Here Alan sets out his reasons for banning the show:

It did have a physical effect on me and I had to watch it in parts because to see it the whole way through would have made me sick. We pray to God in the name of Jesus and ask for blessings for our city, but why should He when this is allowed and He is held up to foul, mocking ridicule in the name of so-called entertainment.

It’s not just the protestant fundamentalists that are up in arms. Catholic campaigner Kay Kelly is also quoted:

I think it’s disgusting. I believe the play makes light of Our Blessed Lady and I will be there demonstrating if it is shown

Fortunately, the Empire shows no signs of backing down. A spokeswoman said they remain committed to the performance.

They also have the support of some saner Christians. Martin Newman from Churches Together had these words to say:

If there are Christians who don’t want to be exposed to strong language or such mockery I would advise them not to go to watch the performance. I do not intend to go, but I wouldn’t join a protest against it.

The Christian faith is robust enough to deal with this kind of performance.

Ticket sales have reportedly got off to a strong start, no doubt boosted by all the extra publicity Christian Voice is providing free of charge.

The story also confirms that Stephen Green is claiming credit for the Sainsbury DVD withdrawal. (We asked him ourselves, but he’s going through another one of his sulky not-talking-to-MWW phases).

(Thanks to Peter, on the NSS Newsline)

8 Responses to “Liverpool Christians protest JS:TO

  1. I’ve already got tickets foe JS:TO at the Opera House, Manchester in March.
    Perhaps MediaWatchWatch should look at organising some events for readers to coincide with the tour?

  2. Olly says:

    Credit to Martin Newman. Good to see that not all Christian activists are fundamentalists with a capital M, E, N, T, A, and L.

  3. G. Tingey says:

    This is Liverpool – right?

    Where, unless it is both thoroughly nailed down, and watched, the locals will nick whatever it is, just for the fun of it?
    And they’ve got CHRISTIANS protesting about a stage-show that is clearly a dream-sequence…..

    Erm err …..

  4. Bloggerheads says:

    The Jerry Springer DVD saga continues

    I think Justin is on the money here regarding Sainbury’s, Woolworths and the Jerry Springer DVD. [Note – If this is news to you, catch up via this entry at Bloggerheads and the following article from the Independent: Major retail…

  5. Dan Factor says:

    I hope any Liverpudlians that come across these relegious zealots when going to JS: The Opera tell them where to stick their protests!
    I am glad to see though that some Christians wish to afford freedom of choice to their fellow human beings. It’s a shame there cant be more of them.

  6. Stuart says:

    Maybe heckling wasn’t CV’s real reason for going.
    As I recall, the Empire is on Lime Street, which is historically famous for..well…. more basic pleasures!
    Imagine the scene, Reverend Dipstick says to his miss ‘Just popping up to Lime Street to save some souls, dear’………..

  7. It would be interesting to compile a photographic rogues gallery of CV protestors on the JS:tO tour next year. I’m sure across the UK it would be possible to get suitable snaps at most venues.

  8. Andrew Nixon says:

    I wonder if we’d spot our old friend Christopher Shell, who seems to be in hiding these day?