BNP jump on Springer bandwagon

The British National Party may be trying to muscle in on some Springer action down in Plymouth. The show is scheduled to begin its national tour at Plymouth’s Theatre Royal for two weeks in Jan/Feb ’06. A meeting by a group of “over 100” concerned Christians met to discuss possible plans of action. Among them was Stephen Green, who advocated letter writing and leafleting, and confirmed that Christian Voice were responsible for Sainsbury’s withdrawing the DVD.

A representative from the local BNP was also in attendance, but he didn’t say anything. He just wrote the report. (Holds nose, pastes link).

They keep good company, these Springer protestors, don’t they?

7 Responses to “BNP jump on Springer bandwagon”

  1. Dan Factor says:

    I notice the BNP wheel out the old “if this had been a show mocking Islam it would have been banned” line.
    Oh, they wouldn’t be using the Springer furore to whip up more hatred against “foriegners” and generate support for their campaign against anything which isn’t British?

    Notice that slagging off black people and Asians is ok in the BNP’s books but making fun of Christianity is not. It’s their brand of “free speech” you see.

  2. Lou Smith says:

    I have sent a link to this BNP page to Sainsbury’s customer service. I urge everyone else to do the same.

  3. Bob says:

    Sent another note to Scott Levers (Sainsbury’s Customer Services) re: fascist involvement:

    “Dear Scott,

    Something further that may be of interest to Sainsbury’s is that supporting the Christian Voice (Stephen Green) campaign to have Jerry Springer: The Opera theatre show and DVD withdrawn, is the far-right fascist organisation the British National Party. I point you to the BNP South West website ( which contains a report of the BNP’s attendance and support at a recent ‘Stop Springer’ meeting held in Plymouth, and which contains the paragraph:

    “The meeting gave a round of applause on being told that Sainsbury’s had withdrawn the DVD of the “musical” from their shelves following representations from Christian Voice.”

    As well as the fundamental issue of censorship, it is hoped that Sainsbury’s will seriously reconsider its position in the light of the fascist and religious extremist tendencies currently behind this withdrawal campaign.


  4. Bob says:

    Re: The above.
    Just received Sainsbury’s response:

    “Dear Bob,

    Thank you for writing to us again. I am sorry you remain unhappy that we are no longer stocking Jerry Springer – The Opera and that you were not satisfied with our previous response.

    Please be assured that we have read your e-mails and have taken all the points you raise into consideration. However, we now feel it is inappropriate to reply to any further detailed questions about our decision to withdraw this product. We will continue to work hard to provide our customers with a range of products we believe they would like to buy.

    Thank you once again for letting us know what you think.
    Kind regards,

    Deborah Hubbard
    Sainsbury’s Customer Services”

  5. Lou Smith says:

    Time to send a few emails around news editorial desks pointing out the BNP-Sainsbury’s connection.

  6. john wilson says:

    Maybe people should have a look at the bnp policies before making their idiotic comments.Considering they have a turkish and a jewish councillor saying they are exreme right is laughable

  7. shaun ramsay says:

    the bnp speak what everyone thinks. they are the only hope for our country